Increase brand loyalty by allowing users to control the data collected about them

Establish Trust Through Transparency

As a result of the increasing number of data breaches and the misuse of personal information, privacy management is a growing part of the modern marketing landscape.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has largely been perceived as a legal issue, due to the fines that can be imposed because of non-compliance, but it’s also created opportunities for brands to build greater trust with their users. In fact, according to research conducted by iProspect, 88% of global marketers say trust is a priority in 2019, and they are looking to build this trust through credibility, relevancy, and reliability.

Fueled by consumer privacy laws like the GDPR, most marketers are turning to solutions like TrustCommander that alert website and mobile app users of the personal data that’s being captured, stored, and shared with third parties.

Maintain Trust Through User Consent

Although they existed long before the GDPR was conceived, Consent Management Platforms (or CMPs) like TrustCommander have grown in popularity since because most publishers (or data controllers) are using them to adhere to an ever-growing list of privacy laws. Not only do they provide the technical infrastructure needed for compliance, but most CMPs adhere to the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe consent framework, which standardises the process for gaining consumer consent to collect and share their data with ad tech vendors.

CMPs automate much of the consent process but the onus remains on marketers to:

  • Determine the version of consent they plan to offer (basic, intermediate, or advanced)
  • Ensure their data collection, storage and sharing policies are compliant with international digital advertising standards
  • Guarantee privacy laws are adhered to and establish and maintain compliance paper trails

TrustCommander prevents the execution of tags that weren’t explicitly authorised by users giving marketers assurance that their data collection policies are adhered to. Additionally, TrustCommander works with all tag management solutions including Google Tag Manager. It can also manage stand-alone tags that aren’t included in tag containers.

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Evaluate Trust With Dashboards and Reports

TrustCommander interface - privacy

User “Consent Rate” is a time-based, actionable metric that can be monitored across all devices and channels. Consent rate is an indicator of a users’ trust in your brand. Low consent rates likely mean users don’t trust your brand with their personal data, directly affecting your ability to monetise your digital properties through paid advertising (if users don’t give you their consent to collect, store, and share their data then your ability to charge premiums for targeted ads will be limited). Conversely, high consent rates likely mean users trust your brand and your use of their data, which increases the likelihood of them returning your website. This will also allow you to command higher prices from your advertisers.

Marketers can measure consent rate and more with TagCommander. They can also build dashboards to observe trends and compare their findings against industry standards.

Remain Compliant Throughout Evolution of User Privacy Laws

Data privacy and protection are major concerns for both consumers and businesses due to the rise in security breaches and misuse of personal data by social media platforms. As a result, an influx of laws are sprouting up from the GDPR in Europe, to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States, and the Act on Protection and Personal Information (APPI) in Japan, to name a few.

Nevertheless, the current lack of operational guidance and the ongoing discussions between regulators and corporations likely means privacy laws will continue to evolve. This makes it important for brands to adopt a flexible solution that will allow their data consent, collection, and sharing policies to shift as laws mature and new ones are enacted. TrustCommander offers this flexibility. In fact, its WYSIWYG approach gives business users the ability to implement and modify their consent requirements without requiring IT resources.

TrustCommander interface - privacy

IAB Europe TCF Compliancy

As previously mentioned, TrustCommander is one of the few CMTs compliant with the IAB Transparency and Consent Frameworks (TCF).

The goal of this framework is to get the entire digital advertising industry to comply with the GDPR by standardising the process for gaining consent to collect, store, and share consumer data across both web and mobile properties. Commanders Act is proud to be a leader in consumer privacy and data collection transparency.

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