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Case study : K&L Ruppert

Commanders Act’s responsiveness, flexibility and experience are decisive in helping us with our traffic management challenges.
Verena Graf,
Online Marketing Director,
K&L Ruppert


  • Gain better insight into the customer journey, in particular the role of coupon and discount channels.
  • Improve allocation of marketing spend.
  • Eliminate unnecessary spend on duplicate conversion credits.


  • Smarter deduplication process yields 5-figure cost savings annually.
  • More reliable reporting: Variance between Web analytics and conversion reporting brought below 1% while preserving the full customer journey.
  • Ability to clearly identify and favour those campaigns and channels that are delivering the most value.
  • Vastly improved ease and speed of implementation of marketing tags.
Case studies

K&L Ruppert realises 5-figure cost savings through smarter conversion deduplication

Leading German multichannel fashion retailer streamlines its conversion deduplicaton processes for improved efficiency, customer insight and sharpened marketing spend.


K&L Ruppert is one of Germany’s largest fashion retailers and offers formal, casual and sports apparel for all ages. A familyowned company founded in 1953, K&L Ruppert takes pride in being socially-responsible and deliberately places its 800,000 customers and 1,600 employees at the centre of all its decision- making.

From its HQ in Weilheim, Bavaria, K&L operates a true multichannel distribution strategy, which includes a network of 60 brick and mortar stores in Southern and Eastern Germany.

Verena Graf leads the online marketing department with a team of four. In addition, Daniel Schimmer, a consultant from PerMa Strategies, brings on board specialist online marketing expertise gained at organisations such as


K&L Ruppert is a long-time satisfied user of econda Web Analytics. However, when K&L looked closer at traffic by channel, they discovered a discrepancy between conversion figures and corresponding affiliate commission payments. It became obvious that the number of performance marketing tags fired on the order confirmation page was far greater than the number of actual conversions recorded in the backend systems.

K&L required a solution capable of de-duplicating conversions and conditionally firing tags on the confirmation page only for the last touchpoint that led to the conversion — deduplication based on the so-called “last-click-wins” model.

However, in a second analysis, it became obvious, that the majority of tags fired were due to cookies acquired after the shopping session had already started. With econda they determined that this phenomenon was due to couponing and affiliate sites where users were trying to find discount codes or better pricing on the products they already intended to purchase.


K&L Ruppert thus faced a triple issue:

    • With an unmodified last-click-wins approach, partners generating traffic were unfairly disadvantaged compared to those who dropped a cookie on the browsers of users who were already intending to purchase,
    • Coupons, which were designed to drive net new visitors to the web store were instead mainly being used by existing clients and prospects looking for discounts,
    • Effort was being misallocated towards secondary partners, who were not generating new leads.

Verena Graf: “Commanders Act was presented to K&L Ruppert as an “insider secret” to solve those issues. The decisive criteria were the responsiveness, flexibility and experience of their teams to help us with those challenges.”


For K&L Ruppert, it was important that Commanders Act support a great variety of marketing tags out-of-the-box and that new tags could be added quickly.

“Commanders Act has proved to be easy to use by everyone in the team,” says Verena Graf. “We benefit from an extensive tag template library of over 850 vendor- certified marketing tags. This is speeding up implementation times considerably.”

Commanders Act helped K&L to implement a custom deduplication model aligned with econda’s data and workflow. K&L Ruppert thus obtains the complete customer journey, but can momentarily “freeze” the history at the last entrance so that touchpoints recorded after the start of the current session are not be taken into RESULTS account for conversion credits. This solution works for both session starts (“session freeze”) and funnel starts (“basket freeze”). In this way, the conversion credits page can be adjusted to better reward those channels bringing new customers and contributing to revenue.

Deduplication functionality was easy to setup and proved to be very easy to customise. In a joint effort, K&L and Commanders Act brought down reporting discrepancies between both solutions to around 1% constantly, which makes the implementation very reliable. Daniel Schimmer: “We evaluated several enterprise tag management solutions before the start of the project. Commanders Act came out as the clear winner.”


Before implementing Commanders Act there was a large discrepancy of 300% between conversions and affiliate payments. Within a given time period K&L Ruppert was thus crediting 3 times more conversions than actual sales! Today, with Commanders Act’s session protection solution, K&L Ruppert has reduced this to less than 1% of sales versus credits paid within the same period. This translates to 5- figure savings annually. However, the most important benefit for K&L is that they can now clearly identify which campaigns and channels are delivering the most value for their advertising spend.

Today, K&L Ruppert has gained confidence enough in its figures to consider introducing more flexible and dynamic attribution models.

The advantages of Commanders Act included the ability to tailor its solutions to the needs of K&L, the great flexibility of the solution architecture and interface, extensive experience with deduplication issues and the ability to provide assistance during the QA process with its partners.

As an added benefit, K&L was able to eliminate tag configuration and tag firing errors caused by third party vendors, which were having a negative impact on site performance.

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