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Playbook – What advertising strategies can you harness in a cookieless world?

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What advertising strategies can you harness in a cookieless world? These days, everyone is talking about the end of cookies, and we were the first to raise the issue (as shown in our article about the alternatives of cookies). The same applies to the fallout for brands in a cookieless world and how the scales […]

Playbook – A world without cookies

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Your #cookieless roadmap to 2021 Targeted advertising as it currently exists on the web is becoming obsolete. Safari already blocks cookies; Chrome blocks them in private browsing mode and plans to do so across the board within 2 years; on top of which, the GDPR rules now drastically reduce the scope of campaigns by requiring […]

Cookbook – Consent Management Platform

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Recipes for a successful privacy strategy As moves are being made to tighten up privacy across Europe with the GDPR and elsewhere in the world with such acts as the CCPA, organisations are under pressure to implement a data protection policy. Compliance, optimisation, brand image… These are just some of the many different challenges standing in their […]
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