Harness the power of your vendor tags to create unique and omni-channel customer experiences

Go to Market Faster With New Technologies

With over 7,000 vendors to choose from, there’s no shortage of marketing solutions to help solve your company’s unique business challenges. Having the freedom and flexibility to quickly test new software applications is key to accelerating your company’s growth.

Aside from quickly folding new technologies into your MarTech stack, there’s a growing need to spend less time collecting, formatting, integrating, and managing data, and more time analyzing and making decisions based on it. Commanders Act’s TagCommander solution is the tag management platform marketers are increasingly turning to as it gives them the ability to manage and deploy their tags, and harvest the data collected from them, without support from their IT teams.

Take Ownership of Your Tags and the Data They Collect

The exponential growth in the number of tag-based marketing solutions has created the need to centralize the data they collect and ensure it is properly governed. Additionally, consumer privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have provided the added push marketers needed to put consumers first from a personal data standpoint.

Business-friendly enterprise tag management solutions like TagCommander let marketers deploy new technologies faster and take action against the data they’re collecting, while respecting users’ privacy requests. Additionally, built-in safeguards like audit trails, tag rollback, customizable user permissions, and black- / white-listing functionality help reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes.

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Maximize Your Omni-Channel Data Collection Efforts

Enterprises that are higher up on the marketing maturity scale are building 360-degree profiles of their prospects and customers by capturing and aggregating all of their interactions in one place, and they’re using these insights to create highly personalized marketing campaigns.

These brands are leveraging tag and tagless (also known as server-to-server) integrations to join their disparate marketing technologies, using platforms like TagCommander, allowing them to record consumer interactions wherever they occur (i.e. websites, mobile apps, kiosks, RFID, etc.). The use of tagless integrations is growing in popularity because it harnesses the power of the cloud to collect data from online and offline solution partners. This removes the burden that’s placed on apps and browsers to execute tags and capture data from them, which means digital properties can operate faster.

Adopt Trigger-Based Marketing Campaigns for Improved Results

Accelerate your customer experience efforts by integrating real-time data into your marketing efforts.

Push click-stream data from TagCommander into your DMP to enhance your retargeting efforts. Or, integrate it with your marketing orchestration platforms to create hyper-personalized email and landing page experiences.

TagCommander also lets marketers create triggered-based rules for when tags are executed and what data is shared with partners all while remaining compliant with data protection and privacy laws. The data collected can also be used to enrich your CRM, call center, and direct mail activities making your messaging more relevant to your consumers and increasing your campaign response rates.

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