Commanders Act

Customer Data Platform

Leverage your data and develop your business in complete safety with a Customer Data Platform

Why build a Customer Data Platform?

Commanders Act offers a Customer Data Platform that adapts to your needs and addresses specific business objectives to boost your results.

    • Truly comply with privacy laws
    • Activate data in real time
    • Start analysing and predicting your campaign results
    • And a whole host of other possibilities!

Do you want to know more about our Customer Data Platform?

Why should you choose Commanders Act?


Commanders Act meets the requirements of France’s data protection authority and other data protection laws

Geared towards your needs

Build your CDP to address your marketing challenges


Free support available 24/7 in five languages and more!


Our solutions adapt to mobile applications


Take advantage of our data and analytics expertise

European leader

French company Commanders Act is the European leader in its field

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