Customer cases



"In the beginning, we used TMS to make our lives easier. Today we see it as an essential solution to support our product launches." SEO & Tracking Manager FLOA Bank Carole Vinatier Gresta, OBJECTIVES Optimize conversion tunnels RESULTS Tracking of different conversion tunnels Compliant consent management A [...]


" CDP Commanders Act has enabled us to refine our customer knowledge and optimize our digital levers" Digital Marketing Deputy Manager Moniwan Iskander Daagi CHALLENGES Optimizing the customer journey Having a better knowledge of the contact points RESULTS A CDP implemented in 6 months Better readability of the subscription path Creation of typical customer profiles [...]


" Commanders Act is one of the few CDP that can guarantee data sovereignty thanks to 100% national hosting" Head of data strategy, DRHAT Commander Laurent Bastide CHALLENGES Recruiting up to 17,000 people Segmenting audiences and rationalizing activations Activating online media and reconciling data [...].


"CommandersAct offers us a complete data management solution that meets the security needs of our banking environment." Digital / e-CRM project manager, Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe Rémi Deltombe OBJECTIVE Maintain the commercial relationship despite a drop in branch attendance. To exploit data from the website and the app [...]


CHALLENGES Win new customers Make the most of the opportunities offered by digital to make the transition to an open energy market Set up a comprehensive support service that can cover the entire customer journey. Customer case contact us Sorgenia profite digital opportunities to personalize its offering and improve [...]


"With the MixCommander module, we were able to structure our reporting" Maxime Gailhbaud Head of traffic and acquisition Promod RESULTS A clear view of the contribution of online to offline advertising Pressure is much better controlled Increased efficiency of displa campaigns Optimization of media budgets Case study contact us With Commanders [...]

K&L Ruppert

"Commanders Act's responsiveness, flexibility and experience were essential in helping us meet our traffic management challenges. Online Marketing Manager, K&L Ruppert Verena Graf CHALLENGES Improve customer journey knowledge, especially the role of couponing and discount sites. Improve the allocation of marketing spend. Eliminate spend on marketing [...]

La Redoute

" Commanders Act has helped us save up to 20% in load time. We are now at the top of the list of the fastest sites. Technical Project Manager, La Redoute Alexandre Marlot, CHALLENGES Accelerate tag management cycles by making marketing autonomous for tests. Centralize all the tags in [...]


"The CDP gives us the opportunity to test continuously" Data and Digital Project Manager CMNE Caroline Slosse CHALLENGES Extend CDP to the mobile app Integrate CMNE attrition scores into CDP Optimization of media buys RESULTS Segments refined year over year with increased conversions +22% of [...]

Nestlé Switzerland

" Commanders Act is the centerpiece of our data unification and activation." Head of E-commerce Sales- Nestlé Switzerland Olivier Gosset CHALLENGES Internalize customer knowledge by accessing unitary visitor data by reducing dependency on third-party providers Enable a best-ofbreed approach to its marketing and commerce tooling Bring [...]


"With Commanders Act we are accelerating our deployments and optimizing the ROI of our marketing partners." Sales & Marketing Director, Pixartprinting Andrea Pizzola CHALLENGES Maintain a best-of-breed marketing ecosystem by facilitating rapid adoption of new technologies and partners Enable large-scale data collection (currently 20+ sites [...]


" Commanders Act is the cornerstone between Digital and the rest of the information system." Project Manager - ENGIE Vincent Cabanis CHALLENGES Working with more partners to improve sales Getting in line with online demand (neat ergonomics, multidevice, facilitating self-care) RESULTS Drastic reduction in costs and marking time [...]


"We get a global vision of the allocation beyond our preconceived ideas. It's now possible to arbitrate and optimize our investments. Digital Marketing Manager Venca Alexandrine Loubradou CHALLENGES Understand the contribution of its marketing levers with regard to complex customer journeys Correlate a vision of online conversion with an offline CRM view RESULTS Optimization of [...]

Lagardère Active

"Our News sites are an inherently complex technical environment; Commanders Act was able to greatly simplify our tag integration and deployment processes." VP Digital Platform Marketing and Analytics, Jérôme Pérani, Case study contact us Easier implementation of 3rd party tags leads to more agile marketing teams Testing new initiatives can be perplexing for marketing teams [...]

Yellow Pages Canada

"The deployment of a new marketing solution, from the expression of needs to the production launch, now takes only two weeks, whereas it used to take more than a month. Commanders Act enables us to industrialize the deployment of our marketing solutions on all our digital platforms. Senior Director, Digital Data Collection, Pages [...]

Havas Voyages

"The need for a solution like Commanders Act was highlighted by the complexity and slowness of manually installing e-marketing tools that are vital to us. We have been using it for over two years now and are impressed with the skills and reliability of its support teams. This solution is intuitive and easy to use.
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