28 Mar

Commanders Act closes Google Analytics 360’s gaps in terms of compliance with the GDPR

  • March 28, 2018

Commanders Act’s customer data platform will bridge the gaps in data protection that will arise in the future with Google Analytics 360 Suite

Paris, 28 March 2018 – Commanders Act, a European provider of enterprise solutions for tag, data and customer journey management, is now offering all of Google’s advertising and publishing partners immediate assistance to implement and comply with all the provisions of the General Data Protection Act (GDPR). Last Friday, Google announced changes to its advertising guidelines*: all publishing partners and online advertisers who use Google Analytics 360 Suite will be affected. They are supposed to take steps themselves to ensure that visitors to a website give their permission for data to be processed for advertising purposes, in compliance with data protection legislation. If this does not happen, Google Analytics will have to be disabled for the website in question when the GDPR comes into force on 25 May 2018. Commanders Act offers the only customer data platform on the market that already allows companies to fulfil their online marketing measures in a manner that complies with data protection law. The aim of the GDPR is that every visitor to a website should give his or her consent, on the basis of adequate information, before his or her personal data is processed. This means that the visitor needs to be adequately informed about the type of data collected, as well as the purpose for which it is processed. Therefore, he or she must be given the opportunity to dive deeper into the privacy center to select the category of solutions he or she is giving consent to. The user has to consent to data collection by actively following the navigation path or by clicking on “OK” for approving data processing.

Commanders Act’s Privacy module to ensure GDPR-compliant user content

Commanders Act’s “privacy” cookie consent module ensures that GDPR-compliant user consent is granted for all the marketing solutions implemented via the tag management system provided on the website and via the app. This even means that tags from Google Analytics 360 Suite can be controlled and monitored in a targeted manner. The native integration of the consent solution into the tag management system means that Commanders Act can enjoy a unique position in the market: Commanders Act’s consent banner directs the visitor to the privacy centre where he or she can manage his or her own personal cookie settings. Tag management uses these choices to only activate the solutions, or solution families, for which the visitor has given his or her express permission, after having received the appropriate information. Only for these solutions will tags be executed, cookies placed on browsers, the desired information processed by the marketing team and the necessary value delivered. “Google Analytics is estimated to have a market share of more than 80 percent; this software is used to analyse user behaviour on more than 10 million websites*. Google’s announcement will present many companies with new tasks,” says Michael Froment, CEO and Co-Founder of Commanders Act. “Our customer data platform enables us to close the data gaps that have been opened up. Our solution already complies with the GDPR.” Commanders Act received the ePrivacyseal data protection seal of approval in April 2017, and the company has met all the requirements of the EU’s GDPR since the start of 2018, including those regarding infrastructure, general terms and conditions, documentation, and the data processing procedures used.

Google’s announcement

Source of statistics on Google Analytics 360 Suite’s market share

About Commanders Act Commanders Act is a European company which was founded in 2010 under the name TagCommander. As the European market leader in tag, privacy and data management, it helps companies to optimise the work performed by their online teams in a data-driven manner that complies with data protection legislation. This boosts the performance and efficiency of online marketing and advertising solutions. The various components of Commanders Act’s digital marketing hub (Tag Commander, Data Commander, Mix Commander and Fuse Commander) make it easier to keep control of data belonging to actual and prospective customers within your own company. A global, comprehensive and efficient approach enables Commanders Act to help its clients develop their digital transformation on a wide-ranging, transversal platform, and reach their objectives quicker. Optimised data management does not just give teams more agility and make campaigns quicker to run – it also improves the user’s experience, maximises ROI and provides information about the amount of online campaigns that turn into online and offline revenue. Currently, Commanders Act has almost 450 clients distributed across the entire world.   Press contact Sophie Terrien Agence Atout Presse [email protected] +33 (0)6 09 17 24 79

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