Direct your digital marketing actions in just a few clicks


Take back control of your data

TagCommander gives you the power to manage your tags in real time and in compliance with CNIL regulations. Give your website visitors the best experience possible and easily implement deduplication techniques.


Transform your data into action

Get insights into your audience and identify segment-specific opportunities for action. Transform your data into action and send the right message, at the right time, to every one of your visitors.


Merge your users’ identities

Significantly expand your customer knowledge by unifying all your online and offline data, and integrate omni-channel data to gain a 360° view of your customers.


Optimise your media budget

Deepen your understanding of the customer journey, evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and assess the actual impact of each channel to create a custom attribution model.


Customer-Centric Marketing Platform


Our platform is visitor-centric by design. It creates value by constantly searching for new ways to optimise the customer experience.

Onsite, you have the ability to personalise how visitors are welcomed by supplying your digital partners with a knowledge base updated in real time.

Offsite, you can hone your targeting and personalisation with instant access to a 360° knowledge base.

Omni-channel Marketing Platform

We are all omni-channel.

Even on the most basic level, your business operates in a cross-device environment.

At some point, you will need to combine the power of a call centre with a distribution network and deployed direct marketing actions.

To do so, you must be able to collect, match and activate regardless of the environment.


Real-time Marketing Platform


The ability to identify life moments is key to the success of your acquisition and loyalty campaigns.

The freshness of the data is thus of paramount importance, and the Collect-Process-Activate cycle must be completed on an industrial scale in a matter of milliseconds.

This speed allows data to be activated in real time, resulting in more effective applications.

Tailor-made for the job

Our platform frees up your IT department by allowing you to independently make important strategic decisions and direct your campaign operations.

You become the master of your campaigns, improving both your customer knowledge and your campaigns’ success.

Become more agile and instantly boost your campaign performance.


Expert service



Our consultants are here to answer all your questions. Become part of our community and enjoy full access to our 24/7 support in 5 languages.


Robust & secure

Our combination of classic data centre plus the cloud for distant collection offers optimum protection and lightning-fast reactivity.


Privacy compliant

Your data is exclusively stocked on our French servers, and thus subject to current CNIL (France IT Commission) and Article 29 Working Party regulations.


Mobile ready

Our mobile-first solutions put the power to master your mobile marketing efforts directly in your hands, without any technical expertise.