Optimise your media budget

Mix Commander

Adopt a data-driven media investment strategy.

Benefit from complete tracking throughout the impression chain

Monitor your campaigns’ performance in real time

Understand the role of each lever and partner

Adopt a successful attribution model

CommandersAct helps us adapt to new markets. The ability to optimise our levers for each market, without any extra effort, increased our revenue by 2-5%

Andrea Pizzola
Sales & Marketing Director

People-based measurement

MixCommander uses a people-based measurement that fuses Ad-Centric, Site-Centric and CRM-Centric approaches.

Ad impression metrics provide deeper insights into offsite visitor behaviour. The visitor’s profile is further enhanced by onsite visitor behaviour metrics while the CRM metrics supply the customer knowledge.

People-based measurement

Explore your visitors’ customer journey


Do you know how many daily interactions with your audience are generated by your campaigns?

The key to success is understanding and building the customer journey. Unite all your online (e.g. ad server, merchandising, retargeting, etc.) and offline interactions (e.g. TV, call centre, catalogue, post) in one place.

Redesign your attribution models

All marketing teams know that a conversion very rarely occurs after a single touchpoint. And with the rise of programmatic marketing and the complexity of an omni-channel environment, we can no longer analyse the effectiveness of media investments like we did before. Forget about last-click attribution and discover the real-life marketing impressions for each one of your visitors.

Identify the role of each partner and lever that you integrate, and apply models that isolate specific behaviour or levers. Get a global overview of your campaign’s media mix and build an attribution that best fits your business.

Cross-channel attribution management software

Think in terms of ROI and not revenue

Marketing attribution depending on ROI

MixCommander helps you better understand the role and effectiveness of your campaigns with comprehensive ROI data.

We incorporate the costs of over a hundred advertising platforms into your reports. Modernise your vision and no longer base the success of your media investments on the revenue generated, but on profit.

Get access to customised dashboards

Build custom dashboards that perfectly match your team’s needs and easily extract any information requested by a partner for invoice verification.

Benefit from additional dashboard layers through our partners.

Marketing attribution depending on ROI


Management of multiple conversions for more precise monitoring of your campaign objectives

Native integration of costs via API: over 100 platforms integrated

Library of customisable attribution models and algorithmic models

Visibility: Native measurement of View and Post-view conversions and of genuine visibility via partners

Multi-device: Filter performance by device to better understand your new campaign environments

CRM: Filter performance by customer segment

Mobile Application: Measure the performance of your download campaigns

Customised: Algorithmic models integrated into the platform

Expert service

Customer support for TMS et DMP


Our consultants are here to answer all your questions. Become part of our community and enjoy full access to our 24/7 support in 5 languages.

Combination of classic data center and cloud-based data servers

Robust & secure

Our combination of classic data centre plus the cloud for distant collection offers optimum protection and lightning-fast reactivity.

Data storage on French servers

Privacy compliant

Your data is exclusively stocked on our French servers, and thus subject to current CNIL (France IT Commission) and Article 29 Working Party regulations.

Commanders Act’s TMS and DMP are mobile-first solutions

Mobile ready

Our mobile-first solutions put the power to master your mobile marketing efforts directly in your hands, without any technical expertise.