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Campaign Analytics

Optimize the customer journey
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Data-driven decisions

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Digital landscape is changing making it more difficult to evaluate the performance of your campaigns. Amount of investment, ever competitive landscape and rising prices make it more difficult to accept reports provided by supports and channels.

Figures need to be checked. Reports need to be challenged. Efficiency of budget allocation is severely dependent upon a good reading of what really works.

Understand the performance of your campaigns

With advertising budgets on the rise, nothing is more critical for marketing teams than measuring the performance of their campaigns.

Your reporting needs to include comprehensive measurement and reconciliation of events across channels and media to enable a reconstruction of the customer journey.

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Maxime Gailhbaud
Traffic and Acquisition Manager

It was with the MixCommander module that we were really able to structure the reporting.

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    Reconciling identities to fuel the customer journey


    The multiplicity of media, the volume of investments, the diversity of consulting partners make it essential to break down siloed reporting and gain a more holistic view.

    The performance of an initiative cannot always be evaluated independently of the interactions between campaigns which amplify the impact and underline the nature of the contribution of each (Initiator, Passer, Builder).

    Benefit from reliable third-party measurements

    Your decision-making requires complete and reliable data to analyse and arbitrate budget allocations.

    The many errors identified in recent years in many media remind us of the value of external measurement.

    Our approach with the Campaign Analytics feature allows you to build your custom reporting and access the full range of data to feed your agency or internal BI team.

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    Enrich Customer profile with campaign attributes

    Understanding the performance of your campaigns is good. Understanding what really works for a specific customer or a group of customer is key.

    Most performant channels to be used for a particular audience. Profiling a customer with the channels/offers he reacts to most frequently positively is another way to go deeper than the market average.

    Monitor your campaigns in real time with customisable reports

    Your daily need is to be able to navigate between reporting and exploring without complexity or delay.

    Our Live Report Builder (LRB) offers you both, allowing you to custom build your reporting structures and create new analysis on the fly to validate or invalidate a hypothesis. It allows you to see the first steps of a campaign and its associated performance indicators.

    Live Report Builder

    Allocate sales performance to the right partners


    Our Campaign Analytics feature allows you to define custom models to track the performance reported by your partners or to build your own model.

    Incorporating your experience inside one attribution model is a great success and looking at your campaign metrics with a single eye generates more efficiency.

    Prioritization, duration, weighting are some of the variables that can be customized by campaign type.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Campaign Analytics Platforms

    What is a Campaign Analytics Platform?

    A Campaign Analytics Platform is a software platform that helps organizations measure, track, and analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns. It provides tools and functionalities to collect data, generate insights, and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities across various channels and touchpoints.

    Why is a Campaign Analytics Platform important?

    A Campaign Analytics Platform is essential for organizations as it enables them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing efforts. By analyzing campaign performance, organizations can identify successful strategies, understand customer behavior, measure return on investment (ROI), and make informed adjustments to their marketing campaigns to maximize results.

    What features should I look for in a Campaign Analytics Platform?

    When choosing a Campaign Analytics Platform, consider features such as comprehensive data tracking and reporting capabilities, real-time campaign monitoring, customizable dashboards, data visualization tools, integration with marketing platforms and channels, advanced analytics and segmentation options, and the ability to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, engagement metrics, and customer acquisition costs.

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