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What solutions are there to replace third-party cookies?

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While the end of third-party cookies is approaching, no solution seems yet to have really taken hold to replace them. Between the Privacy Sandbox, contextual targeting and new IDs, the market is spoilt for choice. Here’s a look at the candidates. What will the successor to third-party cookies look like? This is a question that […]

Activate audiences, improve KPIs and measure the performance of your campaigns

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Last June, we concluded our series of webinars dedicated to Data Governance. If you were unable to attend our previous sessions, you can access the summary of Episode 1 here : Customer knowledge – integrate and secure your data! Click here to access Episode 2: Data Governance : Data Governance – Manage and control your […]

Data governance: Manage and control your data assets while remaining compliant with regulations

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On June 1st, François Labonne, Head of Professional Services, and Nicolas Naparty, Customer Success Accelerator at Commanders Act, hosted a webinar on Data Governance, with a particular focus on data management and monitoring in a compliance context. Here’s what you need to remember. If you haven’t followed episode 1, you can find a 👉 summary […]

How to reconcile data enrichment and consent?

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“Too complex and too risky“. This is often the verdict that falls when, in a meeting, an acquisition manager suggests enriching the data collected via digital touchpoints. Indeed, since May 2018 (when GDPR came into force) and as the regulators directives have unfolded, ensuring compliance in terms of personal data protection while cross-referencing data for […]

6 best practices to optimize your consent rates

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When data is at the heart of companies’ concerns, the protection of personal data is at the heart of customers’ concerns. The consent banner can thus be seen as a barrier, or as an opportunity to make people respect their choices. Optimizing your consent rates is intimately linked to the trust inspired by your brand, […]

Privacy Barometer 2023

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We’re back with the 2023 edition of the Privacy Barometer based on almost 700 consent banners displayed by our customers! Discover the results on this year’s infographic below.   Click here to compare with the results of the Privacy Barometer 2022

How to use CDP at each stage of the customer lifecycle

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The customer experience is played out at every stage of the customer relationship lifecycle. Key moments for which the data collected in the CDP plays a key role. Discover our review of the use cases. It all starts with the first messages sent. Those that capture the attention and lead to the acquisition of the […]

Server-side Migration: why proceed step by step

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Migrating to the server-side must be done gradually, partner by partner. The aim is to give yourself time to “test and learn” and to work on the quality of the data.   No, opting for server-side does not mean that all partners have to be migrated in a hurry. On the contrary, everything is converging […]

End of free tracking: good news for the ecosystem?

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For clients and partners alike, it’s a cold shower: recent developments in Google tools (Analytics, Looker Studio, Tag Manager) lead to paying for what was previously free. Bad news? Not so sure…   A picture that you can only really understand if you take three steps back. This is the experience of many analytics managers […]

Customer knowledge: integrate and secure your data

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On March 23, François Labonne, Head of Professional Services and Nicolas Naparty, Customer Success Accelerator at Commanders Act hosted a webinar on Data Governance and more specifically on data integration and security. Here are the key points. 1. What is Data Governance ? “Data governance is everything you do to ensure that data is secure, […]

How to implement Data Governance in your organization?

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White Paper – How to implement Data Governance in your organization? A large majority (62%) of marketers report less than full confidence in their data systems (The High-Velocity Data Marketer, CMO Council, 2022). Poor data quality is estimated to cost 44% of companies more than 10% of their revenue every year. (The State of CRM Data […]

What data strategy when media budgets are at half mast?

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Since the summer of 2022 and for the first half of 2023 at least, media budgets, including digital, are like the economy: gloomy. How can we continue to work with data in this context? On which pillars should we rely to get the full value of interactions with audiences? Here’s an overview. A low tide […]

What is the difference between a CDP and a CRM?

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A Customer Data Platform (CDP) and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system are both tools used by businesses to manage customer data and improve customer relationships. While they have some similarities, they serve different purposes and have distinct functionalities. Here’s an overview of the differences between a CDP and a CRM:  From customer management to […]

Improving data quality, a key issue for companies

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In a world where data is increasingly valuable to businesses, ensuring its quality is essential to guaranteeing the effectiveness of campaigns and therefore maximizing marketing investments. This is where our platform comes into play. Why is data quality so important to businesses? Data quality is crucial for businesses because it directly impacts their ability to make informed […]

Infographic Sales 2023 – Best practices to increase customer engagement during sales

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In a context where 48% of French people say they are worried about their purchasing power and 75% want to change their purchasing behavior (OpinionWay study, “From purchasing duty to purchasing power: the relationship of the French with consumption” 2022), the sales represent a critical period for advertisers who must be creative to stand out among the […]

Checklist 2022 – Improve your tracking before Black Friday

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  Like every year, Black Friday promises to attract a lot of people, which should generate a large amount of data to be processed by data teams. Make sure your tracking is ready for this event by reading our best practices.     Did you like this checklist and want to know more about your […]

Consent management in Spain: 5 reasons to accelerate

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Although Spain has adopted the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) like many other European Union countries, its application on the ground remains contrasted. Like the CNIL in France, the SADP (Spanish Agency for Data Protection) has issued guidelines and published guides to support companies and facilitate their compliance with the GDPR, particularly with regard to […]

4 steps in preparation for server-side tag management

With the advent of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) updates from Apple and Google’s announcement to get rid of third-party cookies, server-side tag management really gained momentum. Most browsers, devices and channels have now stopped using third-party cookies, which will make client-side tagging obsolete in the future. These 4 steps in preparation for server-side tag management […]
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