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Case study : La Redoute

Commanders Act enabled us to slash load times 20% and top the ranking of fastest e-commerce sites.
Alexandre Marlot,
Technical Project Manager,
La Redoute


  • Shorten tag deployment times while giving marketing teams the freedom to take a test & learn approach.
  • Centralise tagging within a neutral environment.
  • Optimise page load times and make them more reliable


  • More agile: weekly deployment cycles possible instead of up to 6 months (4 to 24 times faster).
  • Improved data governance. Risk of data leakage minimised.
  • Page load times 20% faster. Laredoute. fr regularly tops an independent ranking of the fastest e-commerce sites.
Case studies

La Redoute boosts page load times by 20% with Commanders Act

The fashion and homeware e-commerce leader accelerates page load times by 20% to top the ranking of fastest e-commerce sites.


A first-tier e commerce player, La Redoute generates 85% of its revenue online and 20% specifically on mobile.

La Redoute benefits from a high degree of brand awareness – 99% in the French market, where its Web site garners 7 million unique visitors monthly, or 1 web user out of 4.

The fashion and homeware specialist counts some 10 million regular customers of which 80% are female. La Redoute generates 25% of its revenue internationally and operates in 26 countries.


La Redoute works with a large number of partners to generate traffic and help customer conversion.

Recognising that the number of partners was growing substantially, La Redoute decided to implement a tag management solution.

La Redoute wanted to:

    • Accelerate tag deployment cycles and give marketing teams more flexibility to experiment,
    • Centralise all its partners within a unified environment to better manage them,
    • Optimise page load times and make them more reliable.


“The need initially came from the marketing teams,” said Louis Tesse, eCRM Manager at La Redoute. “But there are multiple stakeholders across our organisation internationally. We have tags for fraud detection, for retargeting, and for analytics.”

With such a big site, even the smallest changes had the potential to have a big impact, which was hindering agility. “At the time, going through IT could take between 1 to 6 months. We thus looked to tag management to streamline these processes and to enable us to run tests without taking on extra risk.”

Today, the marketing team with the help of a consultant from IT is able to handle all tagging requests for all countries. The company now rolls out changes to its tags weekly and it still able to incorporate several days within each cycle for quality assurance.


Although La Redoute’s local marketing teams have a large amount of operational freedom, the company has a policy of standardising and pooling resources: The same platform is used across all countries and, as far as possible, the company tries to maintain the same data structure – or data layer – and the same group of core partners.

Alexandre Marlot, Technical Project Director explains the rationale: “We use agile processes. However, in order to address internationalisation issues and cross-device issues, we prefer to keep all our partner variables structured within a single data layer.”

Louis Tesse continues the explanation: “Centralising our marketing solutions in a unified tool enables us to enforce best practices around tag management.”

The company has chosen to work with the best specialists in each category – including Commanders Act. Having a solution that was vendor neutral was fundamental: “The fact that solution has a considerable technical lead over the competition was also a decisive factor, of course.”


Page load times have a considerable impact on the user experience. For this reason, it is a decisive factor in conversion rates.

Commanders Act gives La Redoute fine-grained control over tag firing in order to avoid the performance cost of a failed tag. La Redoute also benefits from specific tools to track technical performance, in particular via the TagPerformance option of Commanders Act Manage. This service uses browser-level data (Real User Monitoring techniques) to constantly monitor page load times and to detail the impact of each tag on the user experience. With the benefit of direct access to trends and of customisable alerts in case of anomalies or degraded performance, La Redoute is able to dialogue more easily with its partners.

“By centralising our tags and applying best practices in Commanders Act, we have been able to slash load times by 20% across all our sites internationally – on both desktop and mobile,” adds Alexandre Marlot.

Louis Tesse concludes, “We regularly top the ranking of the fastest e-commerce Web sites published by CCM Benchmark – ahead of Amazon. The uplift on our conversion rates is undeniably positive.”

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