Month: February 2018

Commanders Act shares its expertise and experience of compliance with the RGPD

In compliance with the GDPR, Commanders Act publishes its white paper "From Tag Management to Data Reconciliation: How to Make Your DMP GDPR Compliant."

Paris, February 13, 2018 - After confirming its compliance with all obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation, Commanders Act, the SaaS software publisher and European leader in tag and data, is making its expertise available to businesses.

In its white paper "From Tag Management to Data Reconciliation: How to Make Your DMP GDPR Compliant" Commanders Act provides a better understanding of the new obligations for companies and the answers to be GDPR Compliant by May 25, 2018.

Personalizing the customer and prospect experience

Segment to better personalize the experience of prospects and customers. This is the primary reason why 40% of advertisers in France have already equipped themselves with a Data Management Platform (DMP), while 20% are seriously considering it for the coming months. And for good reason: the multi-device and omnichannel nature of the audience journey strongly encourages brands to centralize data from the various online (display, emailing, social networks, etc.) and offline (call center, stores, etc.) universes in a single tool. This is why the adoption of these platforms is accelerating.

That's why the DMP is now more of a CDP (Customer Data Platform) capable of processing all customer data. And it is in this context that the RGPD comes to play the role of spoilsport...

A work site in line with users' rights

It must be said that the work required by the RGPD is equal to the new rights it introduces for individuals and the new obligations it imposes on organizations (public and private). From the collection of consent to the activation of advertising, personalization or testing services, each action must now be weighed against the RGPD. With regard to your objectives and the measures taken to protect personal data, is your data management compliant? Above all: are you able to demonstrate this for each piece of data collected? No actor involved in the processing of personal data can avoid these questions.

In this new compliance path, tag management is undeniably the starting point. However, it is important to be able to share this information with CDP. How can you do this? To find out, download the white paper Commanders Act "From tag management to data reconciliation: How to make your DMP GDPR compliant".

Strong performance and good growth prospects for Commanders Act

The European leader in tag and data management continues to grow, confirms its development in Europe and focuses its strategy on the 2018 RGPD issues and the dissemination of marketing best practices.

Paris, February 6, 2018 - Commanders Act, Europe's leading SaaS tag and data software company, announces strong business performance in 2017 and an upwardly mobile outlook, the results of its successful global positioning around data management.

Major accounts convinced by campaign orchestration

In continuous growth for the 7th consecutive year, Commanders Act announces that it has successfully completed its transformation. Today, the Digital Marketing Hub of Commanders Act already supports 15% of its 450 clients, worldwide, in the structuring, evaluation and performance of their omnichannel marketing campaigns.
Innovative and fully integrated, the Digital Marketing Hub of Commanders Act is more than ever appealing to major accounts. This is evidenced by new strategic collaborations concluded during 2017.

A confirmed European presence

Commanders Act generated 20% of its revenue from exports in 2017. Successes in Germany and Italy are consolidating the publisher's ambitions, which makes its development in continental Europe a priority growth area for 2018. In addition to opportunities in the European market, there are longer-term prospects, particularly in Asia and the United States.
"For the first time, the single market exists: a European market unified by the RGPD," confirms Michael Froment.

Supporting and enhancing uses

The Digital Marketing Hub incorporates the most advanced solutions for tag managementThe Digital Marketing Hub incorporates the most advanced identity reconciliation, data management and attribution solutions for precision marketing. The days of mass marketing are long gone. Companies can now claim to have targeted and methodical customer-centric policies.
In 2018, Commanders Act is expanding its sales and technical teams and acquiring new profiles, experts in customer engagement, to better support its customers in their data marketing strategy. So that they can even more take advantage of the value created, benefit from best practices and develop new uses.

Personal data and compliance, the 2018 challenge

Finally, in 2018, the RGPD will drive the market all year long. A priority axis in the support of the editor's customers, compliance will be more than ever on the agenda. From the collection of consent to the activation of advertising, personalization or testing services, each action must now be weighed against the RGPD. Since 2012, Commanders Act offers a solution integrated to its Tag Management System (TMS), which offers an extension, ePrivacy, to allow the collection of consent from website visitors.

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