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First Financing for TagCommander Fourth Investment through the XAnge Capital 2 Fund


TagCommander, a provider of digital marketing solutions,  has just received €1.5 million in equity from XAnge Capital 2 in order to accelerate its  development in Europe.

This investment is the fourth by the XAnge Capital 2 venture  capital fund, which focuses on the digital world and held it’s first closing, of €60 million, in December 2011.

Online marketing maturity has led to the expansion of many specific tools, including web  analytics, retargeting, affiliation, tracking, AB testing and social media. To function properly,  each of these digital tools requires a few lines of computer code, called tags.

Marketing on websites, in particular on e-commerce and media sites, is increasingly  sophisticated and can quickly become very complex, costly and time-consuming. Marketing  managers who test and develop their marketing solutions lack agility because they have to  go through the company’s technical department to change each tag on every page of the  website.

Managing this profusion of tags has therefore become a real challenge. TagCommander  aims to give IT directors and marketing managers greater freedom by enabling them to  better control the data collected by each solution, to improve tag-related quality standards and to optimize page loading time. TagCommander also offers a centralized dashboard that  lets marketing teams manipulate tags with complete independence and without needing specific technical knowledge.

The TagCommander solution in SaaS mode allows for complete tag management through a single interface. It enables online marketing managers to handle their various tag dependent marketing tools with ease. Marketing teams can therefore totally control their tools. TagCommander makes tag installation easy and provides a dashboard for tracking the effectiveness of the marketing tools on a website.

The introduction of TagCommander on the market creates new opportunities for solution providers to demonstrate, quickly and at no cost, the value of their solutions. With TagCommander, marketing teams can also more effectively build their optimum portfolio of partners. In addition, TagCommander makes it easy for agencies that manage tags on behalf of their clients to complete the tracking work of several hours or days in only a few minutes.

TagCommander goes even further, offering:

    • an attribution management model to accurately monitor how different marketing campaigns are contributing to website performance, so that each partner can be fairly remunerated and the marketing team can optimize its campaign mix;
    • a privacy management module to meet the legal requirements introduced by the European Union’s “Telecommunications Package” directives.

Founded in October 2010, TagCommander already has more than 80 clients, of which 25% are international, in many different industries. TagCommander was recognized by Scientipôle in 2011 for the quality of its R & D and the extensive experience of its founders in the area of online tracking.

The entry of XAnge Private Equity, through its XAnge Capital 2 venture capital fund, will enable TagCommander to accelerate its R & D in new product development and to open new offices in Europe.

Rodolphe Menegaux, Investment Director at XAnge Private Equity commented:

„Online marketing is a targeted sector for investment through our multicorporate venture fund. Owing to increased competition for audiences, proficiency in managing digital marketing tools has become a must for companies with a web presence. In an environment in which marketing strategies are becoming ever more complex, TagCommander meets the needs of marketing managers by giving them the required agility, the needs of technical managers by enabling them to optimize the performance of tag loading and the needs of online organizations by increasing the ROI of their digital investments.”

According to Michael Froment, CEO of TagCommander:

„To increase their performance, e-commerce sites will have to use more solutions based on tags. To boost their profitability, they will have to optimize the use of such solutions. To become more competitive, they will have to further enhance the visiting experience on their websites. By simplifying tag management, TagCommander contributes to handling “big data” more effectively and enables online organizations to gain immediate value from their CRM data. The quick adoption of TagCommander by the leading players in the market demonstrates the great expectations of marketing teams. We are delighted to welcome XAnge Private Equity as more than a financial partner in our first round of financing. Its stake in our capital will give us additional means to tap into new markets more quickly and to develop our services geared at European online organizations. The Franco-German dimension of the fund and its network of partners are also decisive strengths for us.”

Three business-angels have participated in this capital increase, including Thierry Petit from Showroomprivé and Patrick Robin from

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