Graphic Charter

Please find below all graphic assets you may need to mention our brand on your website, blog or any other support. Should you fail to find the asset you need, please feel free to contact us.

Brand Logo

Guidelines: changes to our logo cannot be made without our explicit authorization and the official color palette has to be used at all times. Please use a light background whenever possible. If you encounter issues preventing you from doing this, please use the white, red or black backgrounds provided.


Products’ Logos

You can include our products’ logos whenever you mention them. They must be in HD with a white background only.

Tag Commander
Data Commander
Fuse Commander
Mix Commander

Download our products’ logos (ZIP)


In case you mention our platform and its features, it may be useful to include associated screenshots. You will find some below. Screenshots should not display proprietary information pertaining to a particular client. If you require further information please contact our marketing department which will get back to you as soon as possible.


Download (ZIP)

Color codes

Commanders Act Red

HEX #F40754
RGB 244 7 84
HSL 350 79% 52%

Commanders Act Dark

HEX #293645
RGB 41 54 69
HSL 0 0% 97%

Commanders Act Base

HEX #4F5F70
RGB 79 95 112
HSL 0 0% 86%

Commanders Act Light

RGB 47 64 82
HSL 0 0% 86%

Conditions of Use

All of the hereby provided assets are the property of Commanders Act. They shall not be modified in any way without our explicit consent.
Please avoid:

  • Using our logos and any other images without Commanders Act’s explicit consent.
  • Using our logos and any other images to promote your own products.
  • Modifying these logos and images without Commanders Act’s explicit consent.