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Technical coordinator

The company

Commanders Act is a European company founded in 2010 with a presence in four countries and counts 65 staff members. We help digital teams work better thanks to data.

As a SaaS software editor, Commanders Act gives you better control over prospect and customer data. We help our customers manage their digital transition with our global, comprehensive and efficient approach.

Thanks to optimized data management, we boost the operational agility of relevant departments, increase campaigns’ execution speed, improve customer experience, maximize ROI and allow a better understanding of how campaigns contribute to sales, both online and offline.

Job description

Commanders Act is in an expansion phase and looking for a technical coordinator.

You will have to participate in ambitious projects, show your talent in back-end or front-end programming and innovate by sharing your expertise and knowledge on a daily basis.

  • Key role as a link between technical and business staff (programmers/product owners/top management), facilitator to the product team in association with the CTO
  • Making sure that methods and procedures are followed, that principles are respected, as well as values and practices within the agile process (Scrum master); being a protagonist in the agile rituals
  • Assisting teams, managing organizational issues, programming sprints, participating in technical brainstorming and hiring operations
  • Providing proactive analysis of obstacles, blocking elements, external interfaces
  • Following programming evolutions, proactively alerting about delays/issues and lacks within operational specifications
  • Responsible for releases, guaranteeing the stability/quality/security of every product while ensuring that programming procedures are followed
  • Bug tracking and respecting associated SLAs
  • Tracking teams’ and product’s evolution (indicators)

Candidate profile

You have a strong expertise in web programming, you are enterprising, “neotechnophile”, and deeply adhere to user-experience and customer satisfaction.

  • You are both technical and operational, with good communication, writing and organizational skills. You have a significant experience.
  • You have a strong expertise in web programming, you are enterprising, “neotechnophile”, and deeply adhere to user-experience and customer satisfaction.
  • You strongly desire to build reliable, robust, maintainable and user-friendly tools.
  • You master team-work tools and best practices (process, GIT, Code review, …), you are dynamic helper in agile mode.

Desired skills

  • Curiosity and proposal provider
  • Autonomy, responsibility and product-related vision
  • Analytic
  • Team player
  • Adaptability
  • Ability to mange a project entirely
  • Passionate about the internet
  • Self-taught, technical challenge lover, “impossible” is not a known term to you

Working conditions

  • Location: Paris, 9th district (H.Q.); Nantes (Île de Nantes – Cantine)
  • Manager: CTO
  • Contract: permanent
  • Rank: executive
  • 7 to 9 days extra days off per year
  • EUR 10-worth meal vouchers (60% of which are paid by the company)
  • 50% contribution to transportation fees
  • Cooptation bonus (up to EUR 4 500 depending on profiles)


[email protected]
Mob: +33 9 73 60 71 16