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White Paper – Consent Management

Personal data management is receiving special treatment across the world, whether Europe, North America or Asia. Europe is one of the movement’s forerunners after enacting the GDPR and requiring data controllers and processors to obtain consent before they can collect and use personal information. We may only be in the teething stages, but make no mistake when we say that users will quickly cotton on and draw a parallel between the way in which their consent is managed and the degree of trust that they can place in a brand.

The whole subject of consent, which is sometimes delegated to the legal department, is definitely on its way to becoming a marketing issue. Today’s marketing professionals need to do more than just obtain consent. They also need to create scenarios, carry out A/B testing and measure performance. Consent is no longer a simple matter of complying with legislation, but a marketing challenge in its own right, a discipline with its own best practices and solutions – the Consent Management Platform (CMP). These are just some of the topics that we will address in this white paper.

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