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Customer Data Platform : data governance for marketing performance

White Paper – Customer Data Platform: data governance for marketing performance

Over the last few years, companies have become increasingly aware of the essential role that data plays in their growth. As a result, the amount of data collected has increased exponentially over this period. As a result, organising, securing and ensuring the quality of this data is crucial to optimum performance.

While the majority of marketing teams are dissatisfied with their data systems, the difficulty lies in connecting and communicating all this data, which is all too often siloed. Defining the roles and standards that will enable data consumers to extract the full value from their data is therefore crucial.

In this white paper, find out how implementing a data governance strategy can boost the performance of marketing campaigns.

White Paper Data Governance - In collaboration with the CDP Institute

Discover our checklist to implement Data Governance easily!

Implementing data governance is not a simple matter. In addition to defining rules and standards that allow you to make your data accessible and understandable, you also need to involve the entire organization and define roles.

Thanks to our checklist, learn how to implement data governance in 4 steps:

  1. Define the use cases
  2. Define the data strategy to be deployed
  3. Define a framework
  4. Define roles and responsibilities
White Paper Data Governance - In collaboration with the CDP Institute

How to implement Data Governance in your organization?

White Paper – How to implement Data Governance in your organization?

A large majority (62%) of marketers report less than full confidence in their data systems (The High-Velocity Data Marketer, CMO Council, 2022). Poor data quality is estimated to cost 44% of companies more than 10% of their revenue every year. (The State of CRM Data Health in 2022, Validity, 2022)

Besides, as data collected are expanding, organizations need to clean, normalize and classify them in order to allow teams to find them easily. It’s up to Data Governance to solve these problems. It’s a topic that marketers don’t know much about, yet it’s becoming more important every day.

In this white paper, we’ll explore why data governance is so strategic in 2023 and how a customer data platform can support your data governance program.

White Paper – How do you prepare for the cookieless world?

And why the Server-Side model will become your greatest ally

… and how to prepare for a cookieless world. Essential and fragile in equal measure: that’s exactly how the status of data could be summed up in 2022. Data are essential. Take away data, and digital operations effectively lose their power of sight, whether disseminating an advertising campaign, orchestrating an anti-churn scenario featuring a combination of web, emails and a call centre, or customising a website. But also fragile because over the past 10 years, data has become both scarce and fragile (development of adblockers, entry into force of the RGPD, cookie hunting with the ITP,…)

From a legal perspective, we’re entering an era of consent, while from a technical point of view, we’re heading into a cookieless era.

This development raises the legitimate question of what can we do to make this new era compatible with data-driven marketing practices? In other words, how can marketing teams continue performing their data-driven actions in this new digital landscape? One of the answers, which has already been expressed and shared by the digital industry, involves switching over to the server-side model. Server-side is nothing more than a new technical method for collecting data in a digital world shackled by an increasingly stringent set of requirements. It also gives marketing teams the ideal opportunity to nurture and take greater care of their data and ultimately do more with less.

In this White Paper you will learn about:

  • Seven myths about Server-Side
  • Server-Side: What advantages does it offer?
  • Five actions for getting ready to embrace the Server-Side Model

Discover the Commanders Act Customer Data Platform


Customer Data Platform, il est temps d'investir !

Time to invest in a Customer Data Platform

White Paper – Time to invest in a Customer Data Platform

“Our tools give business users direct control of their first-party data.” “We provide an up-to-the-second view of all your customer data.”

Chances are high that those promises sound familiar. You’ve heard them from companies selling data warehouses, Customer Relationship Management, Master Data Management, Integration Platforms, Marketing Automation, and Data Management Platforms. All were enticing; none fully delivered on the promise.

Today, you’re hearing the same claims from Customer Data Platform systems. Why should you believe this time will be any different? We explain.

In this White Paper you will learn about:

  • Does Unified Customer Data Really Matter?
  • Why Other Systems Failed
  • Why CDP Succeeds
  • Which are the specific technical features of a CDP
  • The Value of Success
  • How to Find the Right CDP

Discover the Commanders Act Customer Data Platform

This content was written by the CDP Institute and sponsored by Commanders Act.

Gartner – Top Trends in Data and Analytics for 2021

According to Gartner, “by 2023, 60% of organizations will compose components from three or more analytics solutions to build decision-oriented applications infused with analytics that connect insights into actions.


In this report, we believe you will understand which are the main trends in Data and Analytics for 2021. You will understand how to turn these trends into key investments for your business.

In this report, we believe you will learn more about:

  • Accelerating Change
  • Operationalizing business value
  • Distributed Value


Gartner Top Trends in Data and Analytics for 2021, Rita Sallam,Donald Feinberg,Pieter den Hamer,Shubhangi Vashisth,Farhan Choudhary,Jim Hare,Lydia Clougherty Jones,Julian Sun,Yefim Natis,Carlie Idoine,Joseph Antelmi,Mark Beyer,Ehtisham Zaidi,Henry Cook,Jacob Orup Lund,Erick Brethenoux,Svetlana Sicular,Sumit Agarwal,Melissa Davis,Alan D. Duncan,Afraz Jaffri,Ankush Jain,Soyeb Barot,Saul Judah,Anthony Mullen,James Richardson,Kurt Schlegel,Austin Kronz,Ted Friedman,W. Roy Schulte,Paul DeBeasi,Robert Thanaraj, Published February 16th 2021.
GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used here in with permission. All rights reserved.

Personalisation: the favourite playground for CDP

White Paper: Personalisation : the favourite playground for CDP

Personalising the Customer Journey to guarantee a high impact customer experience and achieve such goals as acquisition and CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is the Holy Grail among marketing professionals. There is no shortage of activation strategies that they can harness to reach those aims, whether personalising the web journey, customising emails or running advertising campaigns

In this White Paper you will learn:

  • Personalisation: key to the customer experience
  • How does personalisation work?
  • Personalisation: a key use case for the CDP

Discover the Commanders Act Customer Data Platform.

Gartner – The State of Privacy and Personal Data Protection, 2020 – 2022

Gartner says, “Whether your organization works locally or operates globally, privacy regulations impact your decisions when processing personnal data, which has become omnipresent in all facet of business”

In this research, we believe you can find an analysis of the different market and their regulations. Also, you will find the key challenges and recommandations to anticipate the privacy regulations.

We trust that the landscape of privacy will rapidly evolve and the best way for business to adapt is to have an adequate tool: A Consent Management Platform.


GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally, and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

Gartner – The State of Privacy and Personal Data Protection, 2020- 2022,  By Analysts Nader Henein, Bart Willemsen, Bernard Woo Published: August 26th 2020.


White Paper - Gestions des consentements : donnez du rythme à votre marketing

White Paper – Consent Management

Personal data management is receiving special treatment across the world, whether Europe, North America or Asia. Europe is one of the movement’s forerunners after enacting the GDPR and requiring data controllers and processors to obtain consent before they can collect and use personal information. We may only be in the teething stages, but make no mistake when we say that users will quickly cotton on and draw a parallel between the way in which their consent is managed and the degree of trust that they can place in a brand.

The whole subject of consent, which is sometimes delegated to the legal department, is definitely on its way to becoming a marketing issue. Today’s marketing professionals need to do more than just obtain consent. They also need to create scenarios, carry out A/B testing and measure performance. Consent is no longer a simple matter of complying with legislation, but a marketing challenge in its own right, a discipline with its own best practices and solutions – the Consent Management Platform (CMP). These are just some of the topics that we will address in this white paper.

Playbook – Customer Data Platform

NBA playbooks are known for being incredibly detailed. They outline the athletic talent, teaching, tactical maneuvers and strategies. They provide guidance to the entire team as well as to individual. They aim to maximize performance on the court.

Much more than any other MarTech solutions, a CDP platform is not bound to the digital marketing team. The first challenges concern collaboration and the creation of new processes catering to the customer experience. But…that might not sound sexy enough to engage the relevant colleagues. Or not business oriented enough to garner support from C-levels.

That’s why Commanders Act created this level 1 playbook. It details how we make successful CDP projects and ensure your CDP will rapidly generate ROI. It is based on our experiences with a range of clients, including retailers, banks and insurance firms.

White paper CDP

CDP: The new copilot of today’s marketer

CDP: The new copilot of today’s marketer

How to collect and combine all your prospect and customer data? How to orchestrate your activations on an omnichannel scale? How to customize the customer experience?
Meeting these challenges requires improving customer knowledge and making this knowledge directly accessible to marketing teams. This is the vocation of the CDP as detailed in this White Paper.

In summary:

  • A synthesis of the modern marketers’ quests
  • An analysis of the role of CDP in the existing marketing stack
  • A questioning game to evaluate the interest of the CDP

How does the CDP coexist with a CRM or Marketing Automation? How does it help to move to a genuine People-Based view of your data? How can it help to optimize the ROI of your activations?

The answers to these questions – and many others – are to be found in this white paper.

Data Privacy: To Whom Does Data Belong-and to Whom Will It Belong in the Future?

Data Privacy: To Whom Does Data Belong-and to Whom Will It Belong in the Future?

This free White Paper offers comprehensive information on the subject of data privacy and the new European General Data Protection Regulation that enters into force in May 2018. We’ve created a concise summary of the most important points for your business to bear in mind.

  • All-Knowing Household Helpers: Why Privacy Should Now Be Your Top Priority
  • Deadline 25 May 2018: An Overview of the Most Important Innovations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)
  • New ePrivacy Regulation: Cookies Only with Consent?
  • Interview : Three Questions with Data Protection Expert Dr Christoph Bauer
  • Parasitic pixels: Data Theft Through Piggybacking
  • First Party Is King: Five Good Reasons to Focus Your Efforts on First-Party Data
  • Second-Party Data: Identify New Sales Potential and Use It Intelligently
  • What Sets Third-Party Data Apart—and Why We’ll Continue to Need It in the Future
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