Native Integration

Configure your Privacy Pop-in and define the firing rules linked to each category

TrustCommander interface - privacy

Deploying the TrustCommander consent collection tool is extremely easy and requires 2 extra steps, shown in the 2 screenshots provided. When you activate TrustCommander during implementation, a wysisyg editor allows you to configure your Privacy banner however you like by adjusting the settings accordingly. You can then assign a purpose to each pre-existing tag. An advanced module even allows you to enter CSS developed by your team or partner to ensure seamless integration with your website and less stressful experience for the visitor. During this step, each purpose will be assigned a common or specific privacy setting based on the desired variables. After doing so, you will have finished configuring your TrustCommander consent collection tool.

Defining the purpose of each tag

Whenever you add a new tag after activating a new partner, you will link this tag to one of the purposes defined when you set up TrustCommander, facilitating Privacy management during the run phase. If you use TagCommander to manage your tags, deploying the TrustCommander consent collection tool is extremely easy and requires 2 main steps, illustrated by the 2 screenshots provided. First, you assign a category to each tag inserted in TagCommander. This category can either be chosen from the categories included in the first or second version of IAB’s Transparency Consent Framework, or those independently defined by your team. In order to take no risks, you will be asked to add a category for each of your tags.

TagCommander interface - privacy