Simplify consent management

How do you address the topic of user consent?

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To gain the trust of your visitors, you need to control how their personal data are collected.

Creativity, transparency, conformity

Thanks to a CMP (Consent Management Platform), you can:

    • Create a long-term consent scenario
    • Personalise your banners, pop-ins and preference centre
    • Analyse consent performance
    • Align your banners with regulations

Do you want to know more about TrustCommander?

Why should you choose TrustCommander?


Create banners and preference centres that reflect your company!


Banners compliant with the data protection authority, GDPR, CCPA, IABG

Cookie categories

Categorise your cookies to simplify user preferences

Evidence of consent

Retain and ensure traceability of all evidence of user consent

Detailed reports

Assess your consent strategy by analysing the opt-in rates


Combine TrustCommander with TagCommander and also with other TMS systems and your hard-coded and hybrid tags.

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