Harness the power of tags to manage your customer data, raise your performance and boost your revenue

Why should you use a tag manager?


Tag software is the key to easily managing tag implementation. You will save time and gain greater independence.

Tag management allows you to:

    • Improve your website’s performance
    • Bring your tags and the data collected under control
    • Improve your omnichannel data collection efforts
    • To raise the performance bar even higher, you can execute your tags on the server-side.

Would you like to know more about TagCommander?

Why should you choose TagCommander?

Easy to use

Independently deploy new partners with a simple interface

A/B testing

You can easily test the performance of your tags by A/B testing directly in the TMS


Integrate a Consent Management Platform with TrustCommander

Omnichannel support

Manage and control your data on the web, mobile devices and smart objects

Data governance

Verify and check the data collected by your suppliers and give the appropriate authorisations to your partners

Visitor tracking

Track your visitors through their sessions and link their navigation history to your CRM data

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