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The digital landscape is changing and it is increasingly difficult to evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

The amount of investment, the increasingly competitive environment, and rising prices make it more difficult for media and channels to accept the reports they provide.

The numbers need to be verified. Reports need to be challenged. The effectiveness of budget distribution depends heavily on a good reading of what really works.

Understand the performance of your campaigns

With advertising budgets on the rise, nothing is more critical for marketing teams than measuring the performance of their campaigns.

Your reporting needs include comprehensive measurement and Reconciliation of events across channels and media to enable a reconstruction of the customer journey.


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Maxime Gailhbaud
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It is with the MixCommander module that we were really able to structure the reporting

Performance of
online campaigns
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    Manage your campaigns in real time with customizable reports


    The multiplicity of media, the volume of investments, and the diversity of partner consultants make it essential todecompartmentalize relationships and take a more global view.

    The performance of an action cannot always be evaluated independently of the interactions between the campaigns that amplify the impact and underline the nature of everyone's contribution (Initiator, Passer, Builder).

    Benefit from reliable third-party measurements

    Your decision making requires exhaustive and reliable data to analyze and arbitrate budget allocations. The numerous errors identified in recent years in various media remind us of the value of external measurement.

    Our approach with MixCommander allows you to build your customized reporting and access all the data to feed your agency or your internal BI team.

    Enrich your customer profiles now

    Enrich your customers' profile with the campaign's characteristics


    Understanding the performance of your campaigns is good. Understanding what really works for a specific customer or group of customers is crucial.

    The most effective channels should be used for a particular audience. Profiling a customer with the channels/offers that they most often respond to positively is another way to go beyond the market average.

    Monitor your campaigns in real time with customisable reports

    Your daily need is to be able to navigate between reporting and research without difficulty or delay.

    Our Live Report Builder (LRB) offers both, allowing you to custom build your report structures and create new analyses on the fly to validate or invalidate a hypothesis. It allows you to see the early stages of a campaign and the associated performance indicators.


    Allocate sales performance to the right partners


    MixCommander allows you to define custom templates to track the performance reported by your partners or build your own.

    Integrating your experience intoa single attribution model is a great achievement and looking at your campaign metrics with one eye generates more efficiency.

    Prioritization, duration, weighting are some of the variables that can be customized by campaign type.

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