Improve your results and identify the value-added marketing channels for your company by analysing your marketing performance

Can a marketing attribution solution boost your results?

One of the challenges with digital marketing is understanding the many drivers and the sometimes complex customer journey.

How can you manage to stay neutral when facing different partners? How can you measure the actual performance of your campaigns?

    • Choose the best-fit attribution model
    • Discover all the steps in your customer journey
    • Analyse your campaigns and increase your ROI

Would you like to know more about MixCommander?

Why should you choose MixCommander?

Customer journey map

Unified customer journeys

Reconcile performance data with customer data for a clearer insight into the customer journey

ROI analysis

Discover the results that your marketing campaigns are really producing

Reporting interface

Advanced reporting

Analyse your campaigns in detail and in real time

Modèles d'attribution marketing

Personalised contribution and attribution models

Complete ability to segment and review data from every angle

Trusted third party

An agnostic solution for remaining neutral against the solutions analysed

No sampling

Exhaustive and high-quality proprietary collection

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