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Go Beyond Single Source Attribution

For the first time ever global digital ad spend is expected to exceed 50% this year and continue growing by double digits for the foreseeable future, making it even more important for marketers to understand the real contributions their channels and partners are having on their bottom line.

Most marketers have adopted the most recent touch (also known as “last click”) attribution model as their primary report because this is the default setting for many analytic platforms. While this methodology is easy to explain and provides some insight into campaign performance, it prevents marketers from having a comprehensive view of all the channels a customer came in contact with that influenced their decision to buy.

MixCommander platform lets marketers fully understand the impact their media mix is having on their customer journeys by providing them with a variety of attribution models to choose from depending on their needs. Custom models can also be created for complex situations.

Superior Reporting Capabilities

While ad servers play a critical role in the advertising ecosystem, the insights gleaned from them is limited to the ads that are served. It doesn’t take into account the other channels the consumer was exposed to.

In addition to providing the typical ad serving metrics for each ad, like view-through and click-through rates, MixCommander lets marketers access detailed attribution analyses using data from all of their online and offline sources, which can be leveraged to identify the combinations that are driving the most value.

Marketers also have visibility into what’s working at the campaign level on down to the individual pieces of content that are impacting conversions, enabling them to make decisions based on profit and not simply revenue.

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Infinite Reporting Capabilities

MixCommander | Infinite Reporting Capabilities

MixCommander provides numerous out-of-the-box attribution reports and has over 40 metrics and attributes to choose from when designing custom reports. Additionally, CRM and device filters can be applied to these reports to isolate campaign performance by specific audience segments.

Reports can easily be shared among your team and with your third-party vendors, and dashboards can be created using drag-and-drop functionality.

ITP Ready and Cookieless Compliant

Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) 2.1 and the influx of ad blocking technologies are making it increasingly difficult to accurately measure the performance of online advertising.

The Commanders Act team is continuously adapting the MixCommander solution to these new norms using a combination of AI and probabilistic matching technologies. This allows marketers to remain in compliance with the numerous different privacy laws while generating reliable reports about their marketing channels’ impact on their customer journeys.

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It was with the MixCommander module that we were really able to structure the reporting for a 4-fold increase in campaign performance.

Maxime Gailhbaud, Traffic and Acquisition Manager at Promod