Merge your online and offline customer behaviour

Why should you reconcile your customer data?

In today’s world, customers may be associated with an IP address, device ID or email address. However, a lack of insights means that marketing professionals end up targeting machines without taking account of people and their habits.

Data reconciliation is the key to:

    • Gaining a 360° overview of the customer profile
    • Combining online and offline data
    • Actioning data to greater effect

Do you want to know more about FuseCommander?

Why should you choose FuseCommander?

Creation of 360° views

Identify all the data relating to the same person

People-based marketing

Identify who is visiting your website and understand their behaviour

ID reconciliation

Choose the best user ID, synchronise that ID across all platforms and identify your website’s visitors

Reconciliation algorithm

Use proprietary algorithms to filter and reconcile user IDs

Real time

Reconcile your data now and optimise the drivers in real time

Cross-device and omnichannel

Automatically associate a single user with IDs from different channels and devices