Let FuseCommander help you identify the people behind the devices to create awesome customer experiences

Target People Not Devices

Today’s marketer is using a variety of channels to reach prospects and consumers and is targeting them via their preferred devices. This rise in marketing sophistication, and the number of gadgets a user leverages each day to consume digital content, make it difficult – if not impossible – to identify the person operating the device and their buying behaviours.

Unless the user is logged in, modern tracking solutions rely on IP addresses and device IDs to identify the email and landing page assets a user engages with, which are typically tied to a marketing campaign. These IP addresses and device IDs provide basic information like location and previous browsing history, but not who the specific person is or their purchasing habits.

FuseCommander solves for this by stitching together the user’s complete buyer’s journey including their preferred devices and channels, and the messaging that prompted them to act.

Enhance Your Customer Experiences

Less than 5% of companies are able to identify who’s visiting their digital properties, making it challenging to optimise their customer experiences. This hampers their ability to fully leverage their Martech stack from an A/B testing, content personalisation and next-best-product recommendation perspective.

Visitor identification rates can be improved by 500% or more with FuseCommander, which maps disparate IDs across all devices and links them to an individual user. This all happens in real time and can be used by your Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to create unique customer experiences.

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Optimise Your Campaign Performance

As previously mentioned, campaign tracking solutions generally focus on surveilling IP addresses and device IDs. However, consumers are integrating more digital devices into their daily lives making accurate cross-device campaign reporting and analysis challenging. What’s more, most analytics software solutions provide reporting by marketing channel, but few offer real-time, cross-device reconciliation enabling people-centric analysis.

Multi-touch attribution solutions generate more value when they’re enhanced with matching algorithms like FuseCommander’s, which reconciles a distinct customer’s journey across all devices, providing a holistic view of their path to conversion. This provides visibility into the different channels the customer was exposed to along the way. Additionally, you’ll have access to more reliable data, including pre-purchase views and clicks, which will help you calculate new customer acquisition costs with more accuracy.

Base Your Strategies on Comprehensive Consumer Profiles

By Identifying the people – and their distinct buying behaviours – behind the devices, marketers are a step closer to reaching the elusive Holy Grail.

FuseCommander makes it easy to create 360-degree customer profiles because the solution generates a unique master ID for each user and maps it across every device they use allowing marketers to build holistic customer profiles. These profiles include the customer’s purchase history, browsing habits, mobile App usage, and prior campaign exposures across all devices and web browsers. This unique ID also makes insight and analytic reports more reliable, and enables marketers to find new audiences through lookalike modeling. In addition, these audiences can be pushed to your marketing orchestration for real-time campaign activation.

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