Improve your targeted marketing performance by unifying your data and creating solid customer and prospect profiles

How can you effectively activate your data?

With the DataCommander data activation module, tap into your online and offline data sources and activate your data to raise the bar on your marketing actions.

Send out the right message to the right person at the right time!

With DataCommander, you can:

    • Create a 360° overview of your customers
    • Segment your audiences
    • Send out a personalised message
    • And a whole host of other possibilities

Do you want to know more about DataCommander?

Why should you choose DataCommander?

Advanced segmentation

Create segments based on attributes, website visitor behaviour and reactions to your campaigns, and even with calculated fields

Enriched segmentation

Complete your customer profiles by connecting data with your CRM or any other data sources

Real time

Activate data in real time to increase your ROI

New user insights

Explore customer profiles and enrich your data with calculated variables (Customer Life Time Value, average cart value, purchasing frequency, etc.)

Data intelligence

Leverage machine learning to identify the conversion factors

Simplified installation

Use connectors to activate your segments with the main martech and adtech tools

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