DataCommander supercharges your targeted marketing efforts and decreases your ad spend

Switch to Segment-Based Marketing Campaigns

Since the beginning of the mobile revolution, the average person’s attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds. With consumers exposed to hundreds of messages each day, and considering our short attention spans, launching relevant engaging campaigns that cut through the daily clutter is clearly a major challenge for digital marketers.

Additionally, marketers need the ability to identify growth opportunities by gaining deeper insight into their existing audiences’ behaviours, attitudes and expectations, and using this information to identify prospects who would be a good fit for their product or service offerings.

Segmentation and personalisation are key because they let marketers send relevant, highly targeted messages that are of value to the recipient resulting in high engagements, avoiding unnecessary privacy violations and spam complaints.

Combine Your Data Sources to Create Actionable Insights

To increase relevancy, many marketers are building a single view of their prospects and customers that goes beyond the devices they’re using to consume digital content or the channels they’ve previously engaged with. This is made possible with DataCommander as it allows enterprises to compile, standardize, and store all previous prospect and customer interactions in one place that’s accessible for future campaigns.

This solution seamlessly integrates with many CRM platforms enabling both sales and marketing teams to enhance their existing prospect and customer profiles with online and offline purchasing data, browsing histories, previous marketing campaign exposures, and even call center interactions.

The DataCommander platform automates the process of combining data across disparate solutions enabling marketers to do what they do best: understanding their audiences, designing relevant campaigns to target them, analysing campaign performance and leveraging the insights gained to optimise future campaigns.

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Omni-Channel Activation Capabilities

Once you’ve consolidated your prospect and customer data, it’s time to activate it.

DataCommander is compatible with most marketing and advertising solutions and allows marketers to easily push unique audience profiles to DSPs, marketing automation and social platforms. It also can be used on your own web properties to create unique, personalised, experiences. Additionally, this data can be leveraged for offline activities. For example, Deutsche Post offers retargeting solution through direct mail that it found better resonates with prospects in the automotive field.

Increase Campaign Performance and ROI

Leveraging DataCommander’s advanced data segmentation capabilities allows marketers to segment audiences based on their motivations. This will result in, better, more refined campaigns where your costs will likely be lower – because your audience sizes are reduced – but your ROI will be maximized because your messages will be reaching the right targets. What’s more, sharing your data with your advertising partners will help eliminate unnecessary ad spend by identifying and removing converters from your campaigns.

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