Commanders Act Customer Data Platform lets you increase sales and loyalty through meaningful relationships with your leads and customers

Data Collection and Organisation

New customer acquisition costs continue to rise but conversion rates have remained flat at 2.5%-5%. Brands are increasingly collecting data insights such as behavioral, demographic, psychographic, etc., from each and every lead and customer interaction because they know it can be used to improve their marketing campaign performance.

What’s more, it’s critical that this data is stored in a secure location that adheres to the various privacy laws, yet is accessible by your marketing orchestration platforms and other internal and external sources.

That’s why it’s imperative you collect data from every lead and customer interaction. You should also cleanse, standardise and store it in a centralised database that’s accessible by all of your marketing channels, or used by your sales and customer service agents in your CRM platform.

Identification and Reconciliation

As a result of the current cookie-driven web ecosystem, most traditional online campaigns target devices because it’s difficult to understand the person behind it and his or her interests and behaviors.

The more devices a person uses, the more fragmented the view, which compounds your inability to create reliable target audience profiles. This issue takes on increased importance with the influx of ad blocking technologies and ITP 2.1.

The most advanced brands are only able to recognise 3% to 7% of customers before authentication. Imagine how powerful your marketing would be if you were able to increase this by 5-6x. This can be a reality through identity resolution using advanced algorithmic technologies to create unique IDs for your individual users and mapping this ID across all of their various devices, browsers, apps and other environments. This opens the door for more advanced personalisation tactics and improved customer experiences.

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Segmentation and Activation

To increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, brands need to have meaningful engagements with their customers. This requires accessing a single view of the customer to create reliable segments.

This doesn’t mean mass marketing techniques won’t work. However, you’ll have a better understanding of your customers and be able to create segments around their interests once you have a 360-degree view. This in turn will enable you to tailor messages to them via their preferred communication channels increasing the likelihood they’ll respond positively to your messaging.

Analysation and Optimisation

To truly be customer-centric, marketers first need to be data-driven. Therefore, it’s critical marketers have access to reliable data to evaluate the performance of their marketing tactics.

This means accessing lead and customer data in one place, having a holistic view of their preferences and motivations, understanding the messaging that entices them to act, and knowing their preferred modes of communication.

It also requires having visibility into the campaigns, or combinations of campaigns, that are influencing their conversions. This can be accomplished using Commander Act’s Customer Data Platform and its suite of complementary products that are guaranteed to propel your business forward.

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Our customers speak best

Commanders Act is one of the rare CDPs to guarantee data sovereignty with a hosting setup based entirely in France.

Major Laurent Bastide, Head of Data Strategy, DRHAT