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Product Sheet Google Enhanced Conversions

Google Enhanced Conversions, compatible with Commanders Act, is a feature that complements your conversion tags by sending first party data following a conversion on your website to Google while respecting privacy through a hash algorithm.

Find out how to set up this destination within the Commanders Act X platform!



Product Sheet Data Quality Control

When implementing a Data Governance strategy, ensuring data quality is a prerequisite that requires normalization and standardization rules.

With Commanders Act X, discover how to ensure the quality of your customer data with Source Data Quality, Data Cleansing and Property Transformation.

Discover our features!

Product Sheet GA4 Proxyfication

Due to the detection of unregulated transfers of personal data, the European authorities have decreed the use of Google Analytics illegal unless users use the proxyfication method to anonymize user data.

How does this method work? How to implement it with our solutions?


Product Sheet Security

Our new Commanders Act X platform powered by server-side, not only opens up new data collection opportunities, but also strengthens the security of your data. Indeed, the platform allows a complete control of the data, from the collection to the transmission to your various partners while remaining compliant with the RGPD regulations.

Discover how Commanders Act X protects and secures your customer data in 10 points thanks to our Product Sheet.

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