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Cross-device matching

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Without Commanders Act, we would not be able to leverage our digital data and personalise our messages to every one of our customers.

Olivier Gosset
E-commerce sales director, Switzerland

Cross-device matching

Your customers and prospects use multiple devices every day without even noticing. Consequently, they expect a seamless and consistent experience throughout their journey. You can no longer ignore this phenomenon — you must adapt your tools and digital marketing strategy to provide a harmonious experience, regardless of the channel used by your customer or prospect.

FuseCommander works in real time to match your audience’s identities. Using deterministic methodology, it provides real-time identification of your visitors from the first click. FuseCommander also boasts native integration with TagCommander, DataCommander and MixCommander, ensuring you get even more out of our tools.


Online and offline ID matching


Despite a huge rise in the amount of time we spend online, it is still far from surpassing the time we spend offline. Similarly, the percentage of purchases made in store is still much higher than those on the internet. The new challenge for the retail sector is to capitalise on both these consumer habits, and use connected commerce to ensure complementarity between the online and offline channels.

The online activity of an in-store visitor can help you improve their in-store experience, for example by offering more pertinent advice. Vice versa, knowledge of their physical journey can provide powerful insights for your online communication.

FuseCommander is essential to creating the optimum customer experience and offering your clients a comprehensive, consistent and uninterrupted relationship with your business.

CRM Onboarding

CRM onboarding allows you to identify the online identities of your offline customers. This is of particular importance in the world of retail, banking, finance and insurance.

Harnessing the power of online communication allows you to cut costs while actually increasing interaction and improving the effectiveness of your actions.

By updating and maintaining the link between your CRM and Cookie IDs, you have the ultimate choice over which communication channels to employ. You can also easily align online and offline behaviour, as well as measure the offline impact of your online campaigns thanks to insights from MixCommander.



Regulation compliant: CNIL and European recommendations respected

Device Graph for more comprehensive recognition

Synchronisation with the top market solutions

Native integration with DataCommander and MixCommander

CRM Onboarding: Gain access to the digital IDs of your CRM contacts and increase your potential reach.

Compatible with Criteo’s Universal Match

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