Synchronize Your Marketing Data

Live Customer Data Store

Leverage a continuously buffered – and actionable – customer data store.

TagCommander Unify is founded on a high performance real-time platform in the cloud that is continuously buffered – and actionable – over the time period of your choice.

  • Supports true real-time data collection and interactions
  • In-memory architecture
  • Millisecond level triggers


Cut Across Silos.
Centralize Disparate Data

Augment customer and visitor profiles in your real-time data store with omni-channel data.

TagCommander Unify lets you continuously ingest, normalize, and clean data from any internal or external source. Examples include first-party data from your preferred Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Voice of Customer (VOC), Data Management Platform (DMP), ad serving or web analytics solutions.

  • Combine and correlate data across silos (onsite, ad-centric, CRM, cross-device).
  • Gather data beyond the datalayer (ability to use API, mobile SDKs, webhooks and batch processes).
  • Leverage all the data at your disposal for insight and for real-time activation.

Real-Time 360° View of Individuals

Maintain a 360-degree real-time view of individuals. Understand customer behavior across touch points.

TagCommander Unify enables marketers to access a unified and actionable view of unique individuals in their live customer data store, appended with their full engagement history.

  • Correlate identities across all touchpoints
  • Build in-depth and accurate profiles
  • Feed data and KPIs to other digital analytics or decision support tools