Gain Insight. Evaluate and Improve.

Make Smarter Media Investments

Measure the contribution of your marketing efforts. Use this to optimize spend and improve contribution to the bottom line.

A native module of the broader TagCommander platform, TagCommander Measure offers a best-in-class, user friendly attribution modeling application to measure marketing performance, and optimize budget allocation across the entire omni-channel customer journey – both online and offline.

  • Assess campaign performance both in terms of cost of conversion and of customer profitability.
  • Identify synergies and overlaps within the marketing mix.
  • Develop your own attribution models– challenge your own vision of performance based on all touchpoint data.

Cross-Channel Tracking

Achieve a clear view of the customer journey

With the proliferation of devices and of marketing channels, never has it been so important to collect and correlate touchpoints to gain an informed understanding of the path to purchase. TagCommmander Measure offers the ability to combine on-site, off-site, and offline data for accurate insight.

  • Mix the benefits of ad serving and web analytics insight to capture all touchpoints that influence conversions.
  • Reliably collect and merge data at the source and in real time.
  • Gain understanding of the roles and interplay between channels.
  • Enable cross-device session stitching.

Flexible Attribution Modeling

Create your own attribution models without limitation.

TagCommander Measure offers a multitude of ready-to-use templates combined with the flexibility to create your own.

  • Go beyond the click-through model to include view-throughs and other micro-moments such as mobile.
  • Tailor look-back windows individually according to the specific needs of your marketing mix.
  • Ability to integrate ad-monitoring data to account for viewability and conversion fraud.
  • Use attribution KPIs to enrich customer-level profiles or stream to any third-party tool.