Optimize the Full Omni-Channel Journey

Visual Audience Discovery

Explore your full audience, define segments, and make them actionable.

TagCommander Engage enables marketers to conveniently explore their full audience using an intuitive interface, define and refine segments, and associate segment or individual-specific omni-channel engagement rules and triggers.

  • Leverage multiple data sources to refine and enrich segments
  • Identify strategic segments and revenue opportunities
  • Make segments available for real-time engagement

Real-Time Data Streams

Activate your data. Turbocharge your marketing solutions.

TagCommander Engage lets you augment your interactions with prospects and customers by intelligently delivering data and context to your marketing solutions – in real time. Channels thus gain in targeting precision and personalization – driving higher engagement and a superior user experience.

  • Use omni-channel engagement rules and triggers to orchestrate data syndication
  • Enable contextually relevant customer interactions in the moment
  • Improve the ROI of your marketing solutions both individually and collectively

Engage Your Way

Marketing technology and advertising technology solutions

Mix and match the digital advertising and marketing solutions of your choice.

We are vendor neutral and believers in the open global marketing cloud. Test and trial what works best for your needs.