Commanders Act Alliance

Certified business partners

Commanders Act works closely with a number of agencies and consultancies offering marketing and integration services.

Technology partners

Commanders Act is a fervent believer in the open global marketing cloud. We offer our customers a continuously updated library of over 800 integration templates representing a broad cross section of marketing technology and advertising technology solutions.

Discover a selection of our integrations

  • Solution partners benefit from an interface to templatize and update their tag integrations for their customers,
  • In addition, we co-operate with partners to provide direct server-side integrations for reduced page latency, more reliable data collection, and accelerated data deployment.

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Technology partners

Join forces

The Commanders Act Alliance Network helps technology and service providers to become experts at using Commanders Act to better serve shared customers.
This program will give you access to one of the most powerful tools on the market, and help you forge deeper relationships with your customers by empowering their marketing teams to manage projects that usually require technical help. To qualify, participating partners must register for the program and pass our certification examination.

What you get

  • In-depth training from a specialist to unlock the full potential of our platform,
  • Use of the Commanders Act Alliance Network status and logo on your website,
  • Be featured in our marketing material and sales presentations,
  • Commission for referrals and leads shared in return,
  • Co-marketing opportunities.


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