White Paper DMP

How to orchestrate your marketing around people — and not cookies

And how a DMP can help you succeed

A new beginning. That’s how we can sum up the position of DMPs (Data Management Platforms) halfway through 2017. After a few years of abuse, DMPs seem to have finally found their place in the marketing ecosystem.

In this white paper you’ll read about:

Chapter 1 – Why the future of DMPs lies in omni-channel (and vice versa)
Goodbye to confusion, and hello to convergence?
– When the DMP takes itself for a data lake
– Flexible DMPs
– Omni-channel, some common ground
– DMPs, an omni-channel marketing hub

What challenges for the DMP?
– 1st Challenge: improve performance through personalisation
– 2nd Challenge: adjust marketing pressure
– 3rd challenge: measure contribution

Use cases: the driving force behind a DMP
– Use cases to develop Customer Lifetime Value
– Use cases to increase conversion rates
– Use cases to reduce churn rate

Chapter 2 – The 5 pillars of an omni-channel DMP
Fulfil the role of marketing data pivot
– A meeting point for omni-channel information
– Useful data takes priority

Build a strong (and long-lasting) relationship with the CRM
– DMP and CRM: clear complementarity
– DMP+CRM or when 1+1=3

Match online and offline data
– A People-Based Approach
– From Paid CRM Onboarding
– To Owned CRM Onboarding

Offer a wide activation spectrum
– Data for segmentation and activation

Provide omni-channel metrics
– Data for measurement and attribution

Chapter 3 – So what lies ahead (or just around the corner)?
– Collaboration is the answer to walled gardens
– A DMP connected to the entire ecosystem
– An ‘intelligent’ DMP