Omnichannel Strategy: Principles, Methodology, and Implementation Feedback by Cyrillus

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Thursday 04 May – 12 pm CEST

Let’s put an end to the never-ending arguments over Brick and Mortar vs. Online! It is now possible and necessary, to think through the prism of omnichannel strategies. Thus, we shed the light on the issues at stakes, and the steps to go through to benefit from a 360-understanding of your customer journeys:

  • Omnichannel attribution
  • Contribution of online channels towards generating in-store traffic
  • Considering in-store purchases when assessing the ROI of your marketing spend

This webinar will be the perfect time to benefit from the feedbacks and testimony of our client – Cyrillus – and of our partner – Mazeberry. You will discover how things actually work: by combining and interpreting its online & offline data, collected by Commanders Act, Cyrillus has been performing better than ever, and its marketing strategy has greatly benefited from it!