How to orchestrate your marketing around people - and not cookies
And how a DMP can help you succeed

  • Chapter 1 - Why the future of DMPs lies in omni-channel (and vice versa)

• Goodbye to confusion, and hello to convergence?                                         
• What challenges for the DMP?           
• Use cases: the driving force behind a DMP                          

  • Chapter 2 - The 5 pillars of an omni-channel DMP

• Fulfil the role of marketing data pivot                
• Build a strong (and long-lasting) relationship with the CRM                
• Match online and offline data
• Offer a wide activation spectrum
• Provide omni-channel metrics

  • Chapter 3 - So what lies ahead (or just around the corner)?      

• Collaboration is the answer to walled gardens                       
• A DMP connected to the entire ecosystem                                
• An "intelligent" DMP