Take control of your Data, from Collection to Activation

Our tools and services allow you to collect, match and activate your data.
You can now send the right message, at the right time, to every single one of your clients and prospects, whatever their preferred channel.
Improve relevance and optimise your media budget.

One platform to coordinate all your data

Customer Data Platform

Commanders Act Customer Data Platform lets you increase sales and loyalty through meaningful relationships with your leads and customers.

Enterprise tag management

Harness the power of your vendor tags to create unique and omni-channel customer experiences.

Consent management platform

Increase brand loyalty by allowing users to control the data collected about them.

Identity manager

Let FuseCommander help you identify the people behind the devices to create awesome customer experiences.

Multi-touch attribution

Make the most of your advertising budgets with MixCommander.

Data activation platform

DataCommander supercharges your targeted marketing efforts and decreases your ad spend.

Seeing is believing!

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