Digital Marketing in times of GDPR & ePrivacy
Does the recent ECJ ruling mark the end of cookie tracking? How will the ruling impact your marketing?

Webinar | ePrivacy & Commanders Act | November 21, 2019

!!! 10:00 AM (UTC, London) | 11:00 AM (UTC +1, Paris/Berlin) !!!

On October 1, the European Court of Justice (EJC) issued a new ruling that affects all marketing managers. The EJC’s decision raises the following questions:  

What consent do you need before placing a cookie or collecting personally identifiable information (PII)?

Do cookies count as PII? What does this mean for the GDPR and the previous ePrivacy regulation?

And what information about the cookie's duration and third parties is mandatory?

In this webinar, two experts will explain all you need to know about these key issues:

1. Prof. Christoph Bauer, CEO of ePrivacy GmbH

Prof. Christoph Bauer will explain the legal impact of this new ruling and the current climate after 1.5 years of GDPR: (1) ECJ judgements (Fashion ID & Planet49) and ePrivacy Regulation: what is their impact on data collection? (2) One year after the GDPR – A 10-point summary

  • Consent vs. Legitimate Interest
  • Explicit vs. Implicit Consent: what applies to which tracking method?
  • (How) Can I continue to use Google solutions and Facebook buttons legally?
  • Where/on which servers should marketing data be stored from a legal standpoint?
  • Controller or Processor? If providers claim data sovereignty for themselves, what are the legal consequences?
  • Company website privacy page: how to design/update it? Is a regular manual update sufficient?

 2. Timo von Focht, Country Manager DACH of Commanders Act

Timo Von Focht will discuss the technical implementation of these legal regulations:

  • How the CMP is different to a pure banner solution
  • What should the CMP be able to do and what are the most important selection criteria for RFIs & RFPs?
  • What are the best practices and how do I avoid partial or even complete data loss?
  • Outlook: expected developments in the next 2 years

About ePrivacy GmbH:

ePrivacy GmbH advises companies with digital business models on all data protection issues and certifies digital products and services with regard to data protection and data security. ePrivacy works for around 500 companies in more than 30 countries and offers comprehensive project experience with complex data protection issues for companies in the fields of online marketing, big data, eHealth and other digital products such as Apps, Mobile, Internet of Things, Connected Mobility, etc.

When certifying with the ePrivacy seal, ePrivacy GmbH adheres to all important certification standards: criteria catalogues on the basis of valid and recognised legal standards with additional strict requirements, publication of the criteria catalogues and the seals awarded with justification as well as cooperation with accredited experts.

ePrivacy pursues a holistic approach: the teams of experts always consist of IT specialists and lawyers specialising in data protection law who jointly carry out the projects. Through our specialisation in digital business issues and our participation in specialist groups such as the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW), IAB Europe and Bitkom, ePrivacy has a clear know-how lead in this business field.

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