One to One Monaco

March 22, 2017 | Monaco

One to One Monaco

  • March 22, 2017
  • Monaco
  • 08H00


This is a unique gathering that has earned quite a reputation on the French e-commerce scene. For this 7th event, 1,400 decision-makers will be selected to meet in Monaco next March. Two thirds will be e-merchants, brands and distributors, and one third will be partners who will come to present their latest innovations. The programme of activities includes business, one-off speeches and high-level networking, following a model that has become firmly established on the market and is generating great enthusiasm. E-Commerce One to One has always aimed to become “the place to be” for e-commerce and a source of inspiration for decision-makers in the industry. The prospective examples of international practices and practical feedback provided at the event help them with their projects as soon as they get back to their office. More than 100 workshops and around 4,000 One to One meetings will be on offer. And although over 400 companies have applied to take part, attendance is limited to 120 partners in order to ensure the event grows at a manageable pace. For our primary goal is to maintain quality and attendee satisfaction, which approaches 100% every year and is what E-Commerce One to One is famous for.

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