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Looking for a 100% European Tag Management System?

Discover Commanders Act

Commanders Act is a European company, formerly known as TagCommander, specialized for more than ten years in tag management. The company currently supports more than 510 customers in Europe and worldwide.

With Commanders Act:

  • Make first-party data your main collection source: our TMS allows you to adopt a hybrid client-side and server-side model for a progressive migration of your collection mode. Moreover, the server-side approach is compatible with a Google Tag Manager environment.

  • Secure your data with server-side: our API-based platform allows you to secure the collection, while having a no-code approach.

  • Improve your data governance: Commanders Act X is a fully GDPR compliant solution, EPrivacy Seal, and GDPR Check certified. All stored data is hosted in Europe and we guarantee that no data is transferred to the US.

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