Data Privacy: To Whom Does Data Belong-and to Whom Will It Belong in the Future?

This free White Paper offers comprehensive information on the subject of data privacy and the new European General Data Protection Regulation that enters into force in May 2018. We’ve created a concise summary of the most important points for your business to bear in mind.

  • All-Knowing Household Helpers: Why Privacy Should Now Be Your Top Priority
  • Deadline 25 May 2018: An Overview of the Most Important Innovations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)
  • New ePrivacy Regulation: Cookies Only with Consent?
  • Interview : Three Questions with Data Protection Expert Dr Christoph Bauer
  • Parasitic pixels: Data Theft Through Piggybacking
  • First Party Is King: Five Good Reasons to Focus Your Efforts on First-Party Data
  • Second-Party Data: Identify New Sales Potential and Use It Intelligently
  • What Sets Third-Party Data Apart—and Why We’ll Continue to Need It in the Future