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Commanders Act launches TrustCommander, a new optimised version of its Privacy module


An update which makes the module more user-friendly and simplifies compliance with personal data collection laws

Paris, May 16th 2019Commanders Act, the SaaS vendor specialising in Tag and Data Management, is proud to announce the launch of TrustCommander, an improved version of its Privacy module designed to simplify and optimise organisations’ compliance with personal data protection regulations. Natively integrated with its TagCommander Enterprise Tag Management solution, TrustCommander is now also available as stand-alone software for organisations who use Google Tag Manager or any other Tag Management system.

GDPR compliance by default

Commanders Act has always made protecting user data its primary focus. From as early on as 2012, the vendor offered a Privacy module that could be integrated into its Tag Management solution, and which enabled clients to manage information banners regarding the use of cookies on their website. With the arrival of the GDPR in May 2018, the previous obligation to simply inform users has now become much tougher, requiring companies to obtain their explicit consent before being able to collect their personal data.

In light of these stricter regulations, Commanders Act took the decision to revamp its Privacy module to make compliance even easier for its clients.

Our clients have been using our Privacy solution since 2012, but TrustCommander is a brand-new product built with the combined expertise of all our specialists.

Following the GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act will come into force on 1st January 2020, and the regulations will continue to evolve,” explains Michael Froment, Commanders Act CEO. “That means that updating the consent collection process must be made even simpler. We wanted to make TrustCommander as easy as possible to implement to allow clients who work with Google Tag Manager or those with no TMS at all to get compliant quickly and easily.

One name, two integration models

TrustCommander is natively integrated with TagCommander, the Enterprise Tag Management Solution made by Commanders Act. For existing customers, TrustCommander is deployed transparently without any technical expertise needed, since the tag container is already present on the website. The consent banner, tag triggers and tracking are all managed entirely from the TMS interface, via the container.

TrustCommander is also now available for organisations who have not yet put in place a TMS, or who use a different solution to that of Commanders Act. Since its implementation requires slightly more technical know-how, Commanders Act has written comprehensive documentation for installing and using the module without a Tag Management system. This stand-alone integration option ensures Commanders Act can cater to a larger market and meet the compliance needs of as many organisations as possible.

Compatible with the IAB framework: an industry first

Certified by IAB Europe as a Consent Management Provider (CMP), Commanders Act is currently the only vendor on the market to offer a Tag Management tool with an integrated privacy module that is compatible with the IAB framework. Clients can thus benefit from the advantages of the IAB framework and Tag Management all in one go.

“Our new TrustCommander product demonstrates our desire to support as many organisations as possible, in this thriving CMP market. The GDPR has and will continue to drastically transform digital practices and organisations must ensure they are fully equipped to tackle and draw maximum benefit from these changes,” says Michael Froment.

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