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Commanders Act provides its expertise and experience in aid of marketing teams


Commanders Act has published its white paper on Customer Data Platforms to help marketing teams overcome their challenges

Paris, 4 May 2019 – Identified as one of the best-positioned European solutions in the Customer Data Platform sector, Commanders Act are experts in data management and have shared this expertise with marketing teams through their CDP white paper.

Covering the entire omnichannel customer journey

Nowadays, emails or cookies no longer suffice to know and inform customers, especially given the arrival of new technology and regulations. Whatever their industry, marketing teams must now think and act omnichannel in order to obtain data and find the optimum scenario of online and offline activations.

Being able to “think and act omnichannel” requires customer intelligence to be constantly developed. Moreover, teams, which are too often divided by silos, must be unified to ensure that actions remain globally consistent. That is the job of the CDP (Customer Data Platform).

While it may be easy to think that this is just another in an already long line of solutions (ESP, CRM, Marketing Automation, DMP, etc.), it is certainly not the case. The CDP provides the intelligence and consistency essential to guaranteeing marketing ROI in the digital era.

The CDP (Customer Data Platform) unifies customer data

This white paper provides the answers to the modern marketer’s quests. Its 3 chapters explain the various data-related needs that marketing teams have and the difficulties they face in centralising data; how the CDP amplifies the value of existing solutions and addresses these needs; and, finally, the questions that they must ask to find the right solution for them.

As Gartner puts it, a CDP “unifies a company’s customer data from marketing and other channels to enable customer modeling and optimize the timing and targeting of messages and offers”. A wonderful promise that Commanders explores in more depth in their white paper.

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