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Commanders Act in the world’s top 3 “enterprise tag management” solutions


In the latest Gartner study, Commanders Act is the only European and French vendor to feature in the market’s top  3 with its TagCommander solution

Paris, 4th April 2019 – Commanders Act, a SaaS vendor specialising in Tag & Data Management, is proud to announce that its TagCommander solution has this year been recognised by Gartner as one of the best positioned in the tag management industry. In its Improve Efficiency and Digital Marketing Data Governance with Tag Management report, TagCommander features among the top 3 Enterprise solutions that stand out for the uniqueness of their positioning and their ability to work agnostically, with any Martech or Adtech solution available on the market.

Tag management recognised as a fundamental pillar of digital marketing

 Tag Management Systems (TMS) really came to the forefront at the end of the 2000s, providing a solution to the challenges created by the exponential growth of digital marketing. Designed to help companies leverage their customers’ data and thus to offer value-added products and services, tag management has gradually cemented itself as a major component of digital marketing.

In its Improve Efficiency and Digital Marketing Data Governance with Tag Management report, Gartner underlined the importance of tag management in the collection, management and modelling of customer data. An assertation that Commanders Act has always upheld.

Tag management has been one of the key changes in the digital market in the last decade,” explains Michael Froment, CEO and co-founder of Commanders Act. “Nowadays, companies and their digital teams work differently. They have had to adopt solutions that provide efficient governance of tags but also of data, which has become even more essential given the legal ramifications of the GDPR.”

“I’m proud of our teams’ work; they have patiently built the reputation that we enjoy today. Commanders Act is now the only European solution, a member of FrenchTech, to be amongst the best in the market,” adds Michael Froment.

Commanders Act seals its position as the European leader in data management

 Commanders Act continues to provide its clients with unique expertise in digital data governance, through a suite of natively integrated solutions that make digital data a calculated, mature and transparent affair.

This global and customer-centric approach, which promotes a more intelligent and effective use of data, has enabled Commanders Act to build a portfolio of over 450 clients across Europe and the world, including international leaders in the online travel market.

This growth is now supported by a innovation-focused strategy, notably through the application of predictive marketing and machine learning to customer data.

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