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Commanders Act Germany chosen by Deutsche Post to convert online customers through advertising mail


Commanders Act incorporates direct mail campaigns into its DataCommander solution

Paris, October 4, 2018 – Thanks to Data Commander, Commanders Act’s CDP (Customer Data Platform), visitors showing an online interest in a product or service but who didn’t complete their purchase can now receive advertising through the post. Want to convert an abandoned cart into a new customer? A study showed that such an approach produces some rather impressive conversion rates. An approach made possible thanks to the partnership between Commanders Act, a European leader in tag and data SaaS solutions, and Deutsche Post, Germany’s biggest postal service. This collaboration will see Deutsche Post’s CONSENTRIC matching technology integrated into the CDP of Commanders Act Germany…a partnership that will prove beneficial to customers of both companies.

Engaging ‘offline’ to convert them ‘online’

When a visitor adds items to an online cart without completing their purchase, or simply browses a retailer’s website without buying anything, the retailer could already use Commanders Act’s solution to target specific segments with online advertising on Google or Facebook. But now, thanks to this partnership, retailers can also send personalised direct mail to the website visitor using anonymous customer data. The internet user will thus receive an advertising brochure in their letter box, including an attractive deal that encourages them to return to the website to complete their purchase, which will be recorded by the marketing platform.

We are delighted by this partnership that our German team has established with Deutsche Post. This innovative approach is a perfect illustration of the growth of phygital. The intelligent use of data creates relevance, and relevance creates results. We now have a whole new array of possibilities for personalised communication with users,” says Michael Froment, CEO and co-founder of Commanders Act.

Incorporating advertising mail with a customer data platform like that of Commanders Act is a new step towards better dialogue, with a tighter link between the online and offline spheres. It’s the most appropriate and most efficient advertising technique for communicating with customers,” adds Ralph Wiechers, senior vice president of dialogue marketing and press for Deutsche Post.

Earning new value-added customers through direct mail

Offline measures originating from the online world do not only signify quality, they also help improve brand reputation and boost customer loyalty in the long term. A study led by Deutsche Post in partnership with the Collaborative Marketing Club found that e-retailers who sent direct mail to customers were rewarded with an average conversion rate of 3.9%. Another advantage of the CONSENTRIC technology is that companies can reach 100% of their clients via the post since, unlike online marketing, print advertising does not require opt-in.

Maximum data protection: technology that complies with Europe’s GDPR and Germany’s Federal Data Protection Act

The CONSENTRIC technology incorporated into the Commanders Act platform falls in line with the stringent data protection laws in effect in Germany as well as the obligations of the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). A cookie, which is attributed to the geographic microcell where the consumer lives, bridges the gap between the online and offline world. This cookie contains no nominative or personal data, instead creating a link between the web tracking data and the microcell. Each one of the 7 million microcells in Germany contains the data of 6-7 households. Each microcell therefore ensures the individual user remains anonymous.

You can read the Collaborative Marketing Club’s study in partnership with Deutsche Post here.

About Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post is Europe’s largest provider of postal services and the German leader in packages and mail. Thanks to its widespread presence and approximately 150,000 employees committed to offering the best service possible, the company is seen as ‘THE German postal service’ and as one of the biggest international providers of delivery services. Deutsche Post offers both traditional and modern postal and communication services: from post and package delivery to secure online communication and conversation marketing for individual and business clients. The company is a pioneer in innovation, particularly when it comes to carbon-neutral transport and e-commerce logistics solutions.
Deutsche Post is part of the Deutsche Post DHL group. In 2017, the group recorded revenues of over €60 billion.

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