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Commanders Act continues to grow in the Customer Data Platform market


With its 10th year in business just around the corner, Commanders Act is confirming its expertise and maturity in data and consent collection in a rapidly evolving market.

Paris, 6 February 2020 – For Commanders Act, the European leader in the SaaS-based CDP (Customer Data Platform), a highlight of 2019 will have been its sustained growth in the CDP and consent management market. With revenue close to €10 million and accelerating business growth in Europe, Commanders Act stands out from the competition by offering the only Gartner-identified Customer Data Platform natively incorporating a consent platform. In a fast-moving digital environment, characterised by deep changes in tag and cookie management practices, Commanders Act is anticipating an especially dynamic 2020 during which organisations will need to adjust their traditional approach towards digital marketing and how they exploit customer data.

An integrated CDP approach seducing the market

In 2019, the digital world clearly felt the shockwave from the implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), plunging several market players into uncertainties about their obligations and the means for satisfying the regulation’s requirements. Organisations have had to deal with the need to set up suitable mechanisms for collecting consent, while continuing to exploit their customer data in an effective and appropriate way.

In this respect, Commanders Act has done a sterling job by developing the only Customer Data Platform that natively incorporates a consent management platform (CMP). The TrustCommander solution from Commanders Act automatically blocks tags that users have not expressly authorised.

Data protection regulations are becoming considerably tougher and more widespread,” explains Michael Froment, Co-Founder and CEO of Commanders Act. “For instance, a Customer Data Platform today can only work by embedding a consent management platform. Marketing teams can then ensure that their data collection policies are observed and compliant with GDPR requirements while making sure that the data in their possession are verified, reliable and therefore truly ‘useful’.”

Commanders Act has thus gained new references, especially in the media sector, in France, Italy and Germany, where its business activities have continued to experience significant growth with an acceleration in the number of orders. Empowered by such growth, Commanders Act is anticipating a particularly dynamic 2020 in both the consent collection and tag management markets.

A radically changing market that continues to redefine the boundaries of the digital ecosystem

With the recent update to Apple’s ITP (Intelligent Tracking Protection) and Google’s announcement of a change to its cookie management policy within the next two years, new challenges and questions will emerge surrounding tag and cookie management. How will digital marketing need to adapt in the long term to the transformation in what have previously been such fundamental practices? Which technological components will need to be deployed and controlled to steer those practices in the right direction?

When combined with the new recommendations expected from France’s data protection authority (CNIL) relating to consent collection, these changes will undoubtedly herald a new turning point in how tags and customer data are managed.

Shifting boundaries are always a source of concern for organisations, especially when changes affect their core business, as is the case for vendors and advertisers,” advises Michael Froment.“The next few months will probably see a necessary return to the web fundamentals, which will call for both technological and marketing expertise.

Commanders Act is planning to consolidate the value proposition of its CDP by ramping up the interconnection between its applications with the aim of offering its customers an ever smoother and easier experience for managing customer data.  The company will also introduce a higher degree of intelligence into the data collected for its customers in order to provide predictive analyses and more accurate recommendations to the marketing teams.

With further recruitments planned, a new agency in Spain and the development of an international network of partners, Commanders Act will continue deploying the expertise and skills that have forged its success for nearly 10 years, thereby enabling the company to support and reassure its customers in a rapidly changing market.

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