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Cookbook – Consent Management Platform


Recipes for a successful privacy strategy

As moves are being made to tighten up privacy across Europe with the GDPR and elsewhere in the world with such acts as the CCPA, organisations are under pressure to implement a data protection policy. Compliance, optimisation, brand image… These are just some of the many different challenges standing in their way.

A Consent Management Platform (CMP) is the tool for the job.

This Cookbook gives you tips on how to implement a successful privacy strategy. Objectives, level of difficulty, time needed to set up, teams involved… many indicators that will help you implement concrete cases around the CMP.


  • How do you gear the consent collection process towards each device?
  • How can you ensure a flexible and effective international deployment strategy?
  • Which KPIs are capable of boosting the opt-in rate of your CMP?

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