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Consent management in Spain: 5 reasons to accelerate

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Although Spain has adopted the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) like many other European Union countries, its application on the ground remains contrasted. Like the CNIL in France, the SADP (Spanish Agency for Data Protection) has issued guidelines and published guides to support companies and facilitate their compliance with the GDPR, particularly with regard to […]

Privacy Barometer 2022: consent collection practices are becoming increasingly standardised

One year after the latest directives from France’s data protection authority were enacted, most websites are now equipped with a consent banner. Collection mechanisms are gradually becoming standardised, but certain best practices relating to the design, look & feel and user experience are continuing to prove their ability to ramp up performance. Paris, 31 May […]

Privacy Good practices 2022

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Privacy Barometer 2022

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Consent Management in Europe – an overview of the situation in Germany, France, Italy and the UK

When it comes to data protection, marketers are also greatly concerned about the issue of consent management. Especially for internationally orientated companies and their marketing departments, it is often not easy to obtain an accurate overview of applicable data protection regulations in different countries. One thing is clear: the GDPR is the benchmark in this […]

The Italian Garante new guidelines for cookies use

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On June 10th, 2021, the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante per la protezione dei dati personali) has published new guidelines for cookie usage. It comes after 6 months of public consultation on cookies topic. What are the modalities ? Any website that have users based in Italy are concerned by these new guidelines. The deadline to […]

Playbook – What advertising strategies can you harness in a cookieless world?

What advertising strategies can you harness in a cookieless world? These days, everyone is talking about the end of cookies, and we were the first to raise the issue (as shown in this article). The same applies to the fallout for brands in a cookieless world and how the scales are going to be tipped […]

Why we decided to redesign TrustCommander’s Consent Analytics Dashboard, 2 years after the GDPR?

The market needed statistics but the maturity was missing. We wanted to simplify and adopt a more ‘business-like’ approach in the selection and presentation of the main metrics in TrustCommander. And then the latest directives from the France’s data protection authority (CNIL), made certain metrics obsolete or less important. Measuring implicit consent no longer makes […]

Privacy Barometer 2021

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Data governance: a mission-critical challenge for marketing teams

Let’s face it, when it comes to data governance, the term alone promises plenty of headaches, especially since it is trailed by a whole host of buzzwords, such as “master data management (MDM)”, “data lakes” and “data stewards”. This jargon conjures up images of a highly exclusive club. Putting its terminology to one side, data […]

Playbook – A world without cookies

Your #cookieless roadmap to 2021 Targeted advertising as it currently exists on the web is becoming obsolete. Safari already blocks cookies; Chrome blocks them in private browsing mode and plans to do so across the board within 2 years; on top of which, the GDPR rules now drastically reduce the scope of campaigns by requiring […]

TCF v2: new features, constraints and… questions

Align all parties in the digital advertising industry with the same method for collecting and transmitting consent. Such is the objective of the Transparency Consent Framework. The new version of the “TCF” promises greater flexibility for professionals and more transparency for users. But has it kept its promises? So here we are. After being repeatedly […]

How to do an AB Test with the Consent Management Platform (CMP) TrustCommander ?

Why is it important to do AB tests with your CMP ? The whole subject of consent, which is sometimes delegated to the legal department, is definitely on its way to becoming a marketing issue. Today’s marketing professionals need to do more than just obtain consent. They also need to create scenarios, carry out A/B testing […]

Cookbook – Consent Management Platform

Recipes for a successful privacy strategy As moves are being made to tighten up privacy across Europe with the GDPR and elsewhere in the world with such acts as the CCPA, organisations are under pressure to implement a data protection policy. Compliance, optimisation, brand image… These are just some of the many different challenges standing in their […]

Privacy Barometer 2020: the gulf widens between brands in terms of GDPR compliance

Although the explicit consent rate is generally rising, many companies are still lagging far behind when it comes to complying with the GDPR, with only a few months remaining until the transition period granted by CNIL expires. Paris, 4 June 2020 – Commanders Act, the European leader in SaaS-based Customer Data Platforms (CDP), is publishing […]

Privacy Barometer 2020

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Commanders Act receives the Excellence label from RGPD Check

The Customer Data Platform expert confirms its commitment towards the strict and effective application of the GDPR in the digital ecosystem. Paris, 26 May 2020 – Commanders Act, the European leader in SaaS-based Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and an expert in Tag & Data Management, has announced that it has been awarded the Excellence label […]

Preference centre: the future cornerstone of the ad experience

Privacy is not the only area where brands are contractually bound to their audience. The time has come to think about taking a much more holistic approach to managing user preferences with the aim of taking just as much care over the ad experience as first-party data. When it comes to managing user preferences, the […]
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